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Wednesday 3 April 2024: Dentist! AGAIN!

Our annual Easter break was interrupted… I had my teeth cleaned just over a week ago, on the Friday. On Monday I took the poet to have a tooth extracted….

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Monday 29 May 2023: Beautiful Symonds Yat

Symonds Yat is a small village that sits on either side of the River Wye: Symonds Yat East and Symonds Yat West. You have to cross the river to get…

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Wednesday 22 Feb 2023: The power of Facebook

I seem to have inadvertently taken another day off on Tuesday. I worked late Monday night to submit Part 4 of the ghostwriting job and finished at around 8am Tuesday…

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Wednesday 1 Feb 2023: Day 3 in the lurgy house

Early Monday afternoon I went to bed not feeling very well at all. We assumed I’d caught the poet’s throat, but when he got home, he took my temperature and…

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Happy New Year!

The bit in the middle, between Christmas and New Year, has been mercifully quiet for us. We knew that we would probably crash and burn once the big day was…

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Merry Christmas!

So we pretty much ran out of time. We did a helluva lot… but we ran out of time. Saying that, there are only a couple of things we wanted…

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We were supposed to break up for the Christmas holidays on Monday, but as I was clawing back time from the week before, I actually finished on Tuesday night… or…

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Publication Day! And back to work!

Publication Day It’s Publication Day today for the next book in my publishing challenge. Five Slightly Sinister Short Stories is the latest of my Wordsworth Collections and it contains, well,…

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The portable garden & the pop-up office

Last week we were in beautiful Northumberland on our holidays. We came home a day early so that we could pay for, sign for and collect the keys to our…

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We’re orf!

We’re off on our holidays, and when we get back we’re hopefully moving house (again – I know!). I’ve scheduled a couple of easy posts, but I should be back…

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1 May is our wedding anniversary, and this year we celebrated with a trip to one of our favourite places, Whitby. The plan was to do a 2½ mile walk,…

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Kingsbury Water Park

It was my mom’s birthday at the end of April, and so we went to see her for the first time since Christmas. On the way home, we dropped in…

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Image by Myriams-Fotos from Pixabay So everything went as planned with the whole operation feeling as though it was taking place on a conveyor belt. I was the last one…

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I ran out of time

So the big plan was to pre-schedule a load of posts to auto-post this week. But I literally ran out of time. I go into hospital tomorrow – it’s only…

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Sherwood Forest

A couple of weeks ago, when lockdown easing had already started, we visited the new Sherwood Forest visitor centre, which is just a few hundred yards away from where the…

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Cleethorpes boating lake

The plan was to do the 2-mile promenade walk at Cleethorpes, but when we got there it seemed that the rest of England had had the same idea. Cleggie was…

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Healthy diet

Image by diapicard from Pixabay With the possibility of being allowed out again in public looming, I really, really want to lose some of this excess weight. I’ve tried every…

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Domestic weekend

We manged to have another weekend off, an entire weekend to ourselves without any obligations to anyone else. And we got quite a lot of work done too, both around…