Domestic weekend

We manged to have another weekend off, an entire weekend to ourselves without any obligations to anyone else. And we got quite a lot of work done too, both around the house and on creative stuff.

On Friday evening, the poet continued to edit the ‘G’ is for … video for the alphabet adventurers. By the end of yesterday, he’d finished the video – apart from the voice-over, which I think he’s hoping to do tonight – and he edited and inserted five, I think, still photographs. Once I have those photographs I can finish typing the blog post, which will then just need the video dropping in when that has been published – also possibly this evening.

On Saturday morning we found a new supplier for the chicken feed, which is a lot closer than where we used to go, and we stocked up on food as well as treating the chickens to a new water hopper that can be suspended from a pole in their coop.

On Saturday afternoon – while the poet finished painting the shed, hung some “accessories” in the outside loo (towel rail, toilet roll holder, soap dish), fitted a new ceiling light over the breakfast area in the kitchen, cut the grass, and fed and watered the chickens – I patched a pair of jeans for him.

I’ve not sewn a patch on anything since I was 14 … (shudder) too many years to remember. In fact, the last patch I did put on a pair of jeans was probably an iron-on patch. Probably free with Jackie magazine. Or even Patches.

But I did it right (cut a square of old denim, hemmed it, sewed it to the inside, fastened the tear, tidied the frays), and was quite proud of the finished article. When these jeans ripped (right under the zipper! 😳), he was ready to chuck them away. But they’re genuine Levi’s and were less than 3 months old at the time and, as the receipt was long gone, I said I’d sooner patch them than throw them.

I got there eventually, and I think he’s happy with the result.

And then, for the first time in ages, and certainly since we’ve been in the new house (June), I baked. I made two dozen peanut butter cookies. I’ve made the odd fruit crumble, with frozen fruit from the last house. In fact, I made an apple crumble last week and a blackberry crumble the week before. But crumbles are so quick and easy to make, they don’t feel like “baking”. Cookies have never been my strongest point, so I’m always glad when they turn out right.

Sunday was a very, very lazy day for us and I have to admit that the only thing I did all day was read. I continued reading a novel for NetGalley, and I finished one book for 52 Books in 52 Weeks and started the next one.

We did have a surprise text message, though, and as a result, we’re off to see the Arctic Monkeys later this week.

I have a lot of work to do again this week, but at least we felt as though we had a weekend – for a change.