Publication Day! And back to work!

Publication Day

It’s Publication Day today for the next book in my publishing challenge.

Five Slightly Sinister Short Stories is the latest of my Wordsworth Collections and it contains, well, 5 stories that are a bit sinister and a bit short.

You can find all of my books on the BUY MY BOOKS tab on the blog, or you can go to Or specifically for this one, you can follow this link.

House move

It’s also Back To Work Day after what feels like 5 weeks off. We’ve been moving house, tidying the garden at the old house, making the garden at the new house a bit more Rufus-proof, cleaning the old house, and sorting out the new house.

We did quite well on the day we had the movers. By the end of the day we had several rooms that had definite identities in which we could relax. The bathroom was easy and so was the conservatory, but other rooms we were able to use were the kitchen, the living room, the bedroom and the dining room. Not bad for Day 1.

There are still boxes and boxes all over the place waiting to be emptied. Many of the contents may go straight to the tip. We also have curtains up that will be changed, as out of the curtains we brought with us, only 2 pairs actually fit somewhere.

The weekend just gone has been one of the busiest. I went round dusting, Hoovering, and mopping floors. He went around with the carpet cleaner and the Polyfilla, cleaning the carpets and filling holes in walls. We both made several trips in the cars, moving the last of everything over. The poet worked out he drove 100 miles in 3 trips on Sunday morning, between 7:30am and noon.

We did think we’d have to pay someone to cart away some of our larger items. However, I posted them all on Facebook in the local group and every single one of them went – the shed, a 3-piece conservatory suite, a 4-drawer chest, and a double bed and mattress. That saved us something like £350, and they were all gone by midday on Saturday.

Both of us are carrying injuries, ranging from sprained thumbs to strained groins, and lots and lots of aches and pains. But once we gave the keys back and made the return journey for the final time. we both heaved huge sighs of relief.

The new house

The new garden became the dog’s favourite about 3 weeks ago, so he’s delighted, and he has 2 new doggy friends next door to shout with along with their cousin who visits – the latter of which just happens to be another wire-haired standard dachshund, just like Rufus. (The garden became our favourite the moment we first saw it.) Already the cat has been out to explore, but she’s deaf now and unlikely to stray far – but yes, I have buttered her paws and I will again.

The office, which we’ll be sharing again, is an absolute nightmare. It’s pretty much turned into the boxroom for now.

Our, ahem!, new office…

It would have been nice to have started work today in the new house in the right room, but we just don’t have the space to put these boxes anywhere else. The garage is very full, the shed is full, and even the greenhouse has stuff in it.

BUT… one of the reasons I went from a desktop computer to a laptop was so I can work anywhere without relying on any cloud storage. So the dining room, which even has curtains that almost fit, is currently the new office for now.

The temporary office…

It’s not too shabby a view, and actually it’s the same view, pretty much, from the office window.

The only problem with that is I have a LOT of work to catch up on now and all I can see is this bench beneath the apple tree inviting me to ‘…come and sit here, for as long as you want…’

Our old bench, now sited beneath a healthy, mature apple tree…

When the sewing machine is up and running, I may make a nice cushion for this bench, just to make it even more inviting.

Back to work!

This week, then, I have Part 2 of Book 11 to ghostwrite and submit (20,000 words), I have Part 3 to start, and I have an editing job to turn around. I also have a few short stories I want to be cracking on with.

First, though, a nice cuppa… perhaps on the bench beneath the apple tree…

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2 thoughts on “Publication Day! And back to work!

  1. just bought the book and that will be my treat when I finish the week’s work!

    With the unpacking and arranging, it just takes as long as it takes, and it always takes too long. Your dining room looks great, though. I loving having a view when I write.

    1. The view has shifted slightly, in the office, but it’s still looking out onto the garden, which is lovely.

      Thank you so much for buying the book. I hope you enjoy reading the stories, one or two of which are quite old.

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