I ran out of time

Greylag family (© Ian Wordsworth)

So the big plan was to pre-schedule a load of posts to auto-post this week. But I literally ran out of time.

I go into hospital tomorrow – it’s only a day visit, but there will be a general anaesthetic and recovery will take weeks rather than days and apparently it will be painful.

I had my pre-op assessment last Wednesday, I did the shopping on Thursday, we went out on Friday to run a few errands, and I had my pre-op Covid swab on Monday. We’ve also had to self-isolate for a few days.

In between all of that, I proofread a magazine, I did the hard-copy edit of a non-fiction book, I raised invoices, I started on my short story work, and I began the second instalment for the current ghostwriting gig. I worked all through the weekend.

Before tomorrow, I have to finish the screen edit of the book and get that back to the client’s author. I also need to ghostwrite a few more thousand words.

And so, I ran out of time.

There will be no Wednesday Writing Prompts this week either. (Sorry!)

If, for any reason, the operation does not go ahead tomorrow, then I’ll be back on here and posting. But if you do not see anything from me over the coming days, please think healing thoughts.

Enjoy the poet’s picture of a gander, his two birds and their little goslings! Hopefully see you all next week!

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