Healthy diet

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With the possibility of being allowed out again in public looming, I really, really want to lose some of this excess weight. I’ve tried every diet going, apart from the very expensive ones that seem to be wholly US-based.

So now I’m just going to reduce everything that might make me fat.

  • fat
  • sugar
  • carbs
  • all-day grazing
  • snacking
  • inactivity

The weather is getting milder, so that means I’ll probably start eating salads again. We might also make it out for what used to be our regular weekly longer walks at the weekends.

The poet treated me to an omelette maker because I can’t make omelettes (or pancakes), so I’ll also try to use that more often.

More mores will be:

  • water
  • fibre
  • fruit n veg
  • fresh air
  • exercise

If I keep a bowl of fruit in the office, then I usually eat that before wandering off to the kitchen to find a cake or a biscuit. There’s a lot to be said for food being in your line of vision making you want to eat it. I mean, just look at the basket of fruit in today’s picture!

Saying that, though, after several rough nights with my hiatus hernia, I will save some of my calories/points/syns/whatever for a biscuit and a glass of milk at bedtime. And I still need to avoid citrus fruits. And chocolate.

If you work from home, or are sat at a desk all day, how do you keep yourself in shape? Answers below.

3 thoughts on “Healthy diet

  1. I don’t eat the healthiest of diets. I have to force myself to eat fruit. If I know there are chocolate biscuits in the cupboard I can quite happily bypass the fruit bowl, even if you hold it under my nose! I eat far too much bread also. One good thing is, except, for chocolate I don’t have a sweet tooth. Cream cakes and desserts etc leave me cold….but I do enjoy ice cream occasionally. Fortunately I only drink alcohol occasionally, mainly a glass at weekend. I would need to cut out bread and chocolate, I know, to lose some weight,just a few pounds would be nice. I do walk a lot, not just with Sam as he can’t go far now, every day. Good luck with whatever you try. X

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