Wednesday 1 Feb 2023: Day 3 in the lurgy house

Early Monday afternoon I went to bed not feeling very well at all. We assumed I’d caught the poet’s throat, but when he got home, he took my temperature and it was 101°F. So I did a test and I was positive for Covid. He did a test, and he wasn’t. It’s really unusual for one of us to get something and not the other because I’m at home most of the time and he usually brings it in. He did another test yesterday and another one today, and he’s still negative. So either he’s still yet to get it, or he had it last week.

I was pretty much a waste of food Monday and Tuesday, but today I’m feeling so much better, I took another test… still positive. Booo. So that mean’s even if I’m clear tomorrow, I can’t go anywhere until at least next Tuesday, which kind of wipes out the weekend. In case he has yet to get it, though, he’s going to get some shopping on his way home from work. He’s also dropping some test kits off at his mother’s as we were there on Sunday. If he does test positive and we need anything else, one of the kids will probably drop something off for us, or we have friends in the village who will help out – friends of the poet’s when they were all growing up in the next village along.

I have to admit it’s been nice to wallow for a couple of days and not do anything, guilt-free. I did let both of the current clients know on Monday that I was out of action for a few days, and they were both great. I’ve been sleeping and reading and sleeping and sewing and sleeping. As I’m feeling a bit better today, I might have a go at something later. But for now, I’m still on the sick. Finger’s crossed the poet has already had it…

2 thoughts on “Wednesday 1 Feb 2023: Day 3 in the lurgy house

    1. Thank you. Personally, I think we should both be isolating. But so long as we’re vaccinated, the powers that be don’t think that’s necessary now.

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