Kingsbury Water Park

Kingsbury Water Park (© Ian Wordsworth)

It was my mom’s birthday at the end of April, and so we went to see her for the first time since Christmas.

On the way home, we dropped in at Kingsbury Water Park.

Kingsbury Water Park near Sutton Coldfield is a place we often visit, although I’ve probably been there more times in the 17 years I’ve lived in Yorkshire than I ever did when I lived just down the road.

There are several short trails to choose from at 1.5 miles each, or the entire circuit is 3 miles. On this visit, we chose the Bodymoor Heath trail that goes around one of the lakes. We walked for just under 2 miles.

The visitor centre was still closed but the toilets and the caff were open, and the ice cream man was there. It was busy, but clean and tidy, and the weather was kind once again.

Here are a few images from our visit this time, all © Ian Wordsworth. Enjoy!

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