I was having a bit of a rummage through NetGalley to see if there were any new reviews for The Life of Richard Cadbury. I couldn’t see any for that one, but there were a few new ones for the first book, A History of Cadbury.

First job of the day for yesterday, then, was collecting 5 of these reviews and creating flyers out of them. Number 1 is above, and the other 4 will follow when I can’t find a different suitable image to illustrate the next few blog posts.

This does take a little time, but I’m getting much quicker at it. As with everything, you need to practise, and frequently. I use Photopea to make any book mock-ups, and I use Canva to make the flyers. Canva I can do really quickly now. Photopea takes a while longer.

The above is a flyer. I’ve shared the mock-up on Facebook, Twitter, MeWe and LinkedIn, and the flyers will be shown when the blog auto-posts. (Only MeWe needs me to manually post a link at the moment, but all the others are automatic.)

While I was on my publisher’s page on NetGalley, I thought I’d see what else they’d recently uploaded.

There were 5 titles that took my fancy, 2 of which will be a big help for the regency ghostwriting, and another 2 that will be a big help with Catch the Rainbow. The 5th book was one from the series that my first book is a part of.

Unfortunately, I’d missed the request-boat, but I could still wish for them. So that is what I did, and within only a few hours my publisher granted all 5 of my wishes. Of course, they will all still get fair and honest reviews as well, but they will also be very good additions to my own reference e-library.

I had a few emails to respond to once I’d done all of that, and then it was back to the ghostwriting. The ghostwriting is going a little slowly at the moment. I think I need to get that particular muscle exercised again.