Much of yesterday was spent catching up with the ghostwriting.

Saying that, as usual I was distracted at first. Writing this particular story for Greece is giving me all sorts of ideas for stories of my own, and I thought about opening Scrivener files for two of them at least.

However, I stalled when I went searching for images for use on the mock cover Scrivener allows us to add. There were so many to choose from, for both ideas, that I had to stop or I would have been doing it all day.

Saying that, I have found an artist in particular whose work I do like. So I have saved their page to my bookmarks for when I have more time on my hands to sift through them all.

For the past few days I’ve been tinkering with Chapter 12 and Chapter 13.  I’m finally happy with them now, having added a good couple of thousand words between them – always useful, extra words.

After a bit of a faff on social media, the rest of the day was spent on Chapter 14. And that leaves me with six chapters to write today, solid, or 11,500 words. If I can do them in less than 6 chapters, I will do.

That’s a big ask. I need to just get on with it.