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Our laptop is quite old now, and a bit too heavy to work with on my lap. But while I was waiting for my Covid test result to *not* come in (and to see if they would let me into the hospital), I really didn’t feel like opening up the office. And it was cooler at the dining end of the room than it was at the sitting end of the room.

So I gave it a go anyway, and I managed to work on the ghostwriting for a few hours.

I went for my test at the drive-thru test centre at Keepmoat Stadium in Doncaster. “We’ll only call you if you test positive,” they said. “In about 24 – 48 hours. If you don’t hear from us, then you’re negative.” This is why I was waiting for the result to *not* come in.

They’d given me my letter and a questionnaire to fill in. They also told me I had to go straight home and self-isolate, and the poet had to self-isolate with me.

We hadn’t done any shopping and we had prescriptions to collect, mine from the GP and his from the chemist. They said we could do that, but we couldn’t go shopping. And we couldn’t see anyone.

This meant we had a takeaway (delivered) for tea (“you can send out for food”), and we had to survive on what was in the kitchen cupboards. Not only did we survive, but I also managed to make a tea loaf and a pudding.

When the phone rang and it was them, my heart plummeted. But they weren’t just ringing to say I was negative, they were ringing to go through the pre-admission procedure. They asked me the exact same questions that were on the questionnaire …

So I went to the hospital, and they went through the same procedure again, and again, the questions were exactly the same.

And then the specialist came and went through it all again.

How thorough is that?

Anyway, it all went well and the poet brought me home for a full day of recovery.

Today, I’m back at work.

While I was off, the Pakistan client paid me. (Hurrah!) I will see if they have anything for me to edit first.

Also while I was off, I did manage to do some ghostwriting for Greece. However, that needs to be my priority this week, as the second instalment is now due in on Friday (moved from Tuesday).

I’m under instruction, too, to let Hong Kong know that I’m fine, back and ready for work.

I need to get back into a good working discipline. Instead of getting to my desk by 10am, after doing all of the household chores I normally do, I’ve been getting there around dinner time and eating at my desk. This is not good.

Once I clear the ghostwriting deck this week, I want to start browsing the job board again and I must do some of my own writing. I’ve become quite lazy and I have to give myself a kick up the bum.

Hopefully, this little break is the motivation I need to sort this out. In the meantime, I must stop whining that I’m not doing any of my own work.

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  1. Phew just catching up! So glad test was negative and you got the procedure under way! That’s a relief and you’ll catch up with the work.
    Both say safe and keep well xx

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