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Out now!

On Monday, Pippa & Davey Forever was published as a Wordsworth Flash Fiction! This very short story is one I wrote from a prompt in a writers’ guide. The prompt…

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I’ve been busy, honest!

I’ve not been completely idle since 17 October (that’s more than two whole weeks ago!). But I have been tied up with stuff I’d sooner not be tied up with….

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Almost human again

I thought I was just tired and overdoing things a bit, but an upset stomach turned into full-blown flu symptoms. Before I started to feel poorly, I tidied up a…

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Thursday 10 October 2019

You’ll be pleased to know I finally made some inroads on the copywriting job yesterday.  I started with some handwriting practise because my handwriting is becoming quite unreadable. Then I…

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Goldthorpe Writers: Monday 7 October 2019

This week we welcomed Pauline back to the group after her recent operation, and she was accompanied by her husband John, who would like to come along in the future…

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Clearing the decks

Before I start, please hop on over to the alphabet adventurers to see the latest post. There’s still time to enter a competition there, with a closing date of midnight…

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Organised again

I’ve been a bit overwhelmed with trying to catch up with work again, but I think I finally reached a balance once more. The past week in particular has been…

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Writing and editing and planning, oh my!

I only have a three-day week this week. This isn’t because of any actual holidays. It’s because I have two appointments in Solihull, one on Tuesday and one on Thursday….

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Thanks for listening, Cosmos

Yes! The Cosmos listened. At last. After several rain dances, we finally had our storm yesterday evening, overnight and this morning. And there’s more to come. The rainwater is sitting…

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Sad day

Just over 18 months ago, in December 2016, we rescued 6 ex-cage chickens otherwise intended for slaughter. We named them Aggie (the Agoraphobic), Baldy (she literally was ‘oven ready’), Blondie,…

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It’s going well

This is my writing bag. Once upon a time, when I *worked for a living*, I worked for the National Grid in Coventry. We were quite close to Warwick University…

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Fair start to the week

This is my current writing work in progress pile. The A5 book with the touchy-feely cover of pink flowers on a foliage background is the ideas book. This is where…

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The best laid plans … again

It was just starting to go well, with everything dropping into place. I had a great list of things to do. We were going out Friday evening. And we were…

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Decisions made (*** lists alert ***)

I spent much of yesterday trying to prioritise my workload and putting jobs into some sort of workable order. I even did a little writing, which was very good. Yesterday…