Thursday 10 October 2019

You’ll be pleased to know I finally made some inroads on the copywriting job yesterday. 

I started with some handwriting practise because my handwriting is becoming quite unreadable. Then I wrote up the day’s Pomodoros, because I hadn’t had chance to do that the day before. And I wrote my daily writing blog post.

Then I spread out all of the information in front of me that I have for the copywriting job and came up with a more detailed 10-page structure.

In the afternoon, I completed two of those pages and sent them off for consideration, and I wrote 1,142 words in all for that job.

I didn’t get around to any of the Cadbury book because I need to finish this client job by the end of Friday. But at least I finished work on time for a change, rather than carry on for an hour or so after the poet got home, and I had a daily competitions session at the end of the day too.

Today, I’m in discussion with the client regarding some of the finer details, and I want to get on and write the bulk of the project so I have something to edit and proofread tomorrow. And submit, of course.

If I get chance, a quick job will be to have a look at my short story Pippa & Davey Forever, to see if I can tweak that for at least one of the two markets it would be suitable for. I need to lose some words for one of them, and add some words for the other. I’ll see which looks more natural.