Goldthorpe Writers: Monday 7 October 2019

This week we welcomed Pauline back to the group after her recent operation, and she was accompanied by her husband John, who would like to come along in the future as well.

Pat popped her head in to give us her apologies, as she had to be somewhere else, and Rob is still unable to relinquish recent new job duties to join us. We didn’t hear from anyone else who hadn’t turned up and hope they are all okay.

I kicked off proceedings this week with a short story, The Ace of Wands, written as a back story for one of the characters in The Fool before she was given her new identity. It was quite long, at 3,500 words.

Pauline then started to read out an old story she’s rewritten, The Perfect Crime. But the crime was her printer had spat out two blank pages instead of two printed pages, so we will have to wait until she has sorted out her printer for the rest of that one.

Then I read out a little of Scene 13 of The Fool, mostly for John’s benefit to give him the gist of the story, but also for Pauline as a reminder of where we’d left everyone. And then I read out Scene 14. John pointed out that my South Ridings Police might not work as a riding is a third, and there were already three ridings in Yorkshire. As South Yorkshire was once in the West Riding of Yorkshire, I may change the police force to the West Ridings Police.

Pauline has been doing a lot of of hunting and sorting, and she found an old notebook with details of a holiday to Crete she and John took in 1995. It was in diary form, written at the time of their visit. And once she had read it out, she decided that she would copy type it, editing as she goes, and add it to the “holidays” section of her memoirs.

I finished with a brand new short story that hasn’t been out yet, Pippa & Davey Forever. Pauline thought I should send this one out immediately, but it’s just a little too long for one market and a little too short for the other, so it needs some work before it goes anywhere.

Our homework this week is:

  1. Pauline: Sort out printer and print off the rest of The Perfect Crime.
  2. Diane: Do what she can, but maybe write at least one scene for The Fool.

The next meeting will be on Monday 14 October at 2:30pm.

Goldthorpe Writers meet every Monday at Goldthorpe Library, Barnsley Road, Goldthorpe, Barnsley S63 9NE, from 2:30pm until 4:00pm. There is free parking to the rear of the library, buses stop almost outside, and the railway station is a short walk away. Refreshments are also currently available for free. All are welcome.