Friday 17 May 2024: Too many people. Again!

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

I forgot to add one more thing to my list of things I could do in Durham for the day yesterday. I could have an editing day. I think the fact that I omitted it speaks volumes, however…

We’ve been inundated with people again this week. Since Saturday, really, when Monkey Dust had their monthly gig. Saturday night we had to perform there. On Monday we were at the dentist. On Tuesday I was at the hospital in the morning and we went out for the evening. On Wednesday the poet was at the dentist. Yesterday someone came to the house. And today I’m having my hair cut.

Thank goodness we don’t have anything planned at the weekend…Oh, actually, we do. There’s a reunion thing going on in the next village that we’ve been invited to. I think we’re only showing our faces for an hour or so. But, phew! I’m really glad I cleared next week. I had one appointment on Monday that I moved to June, just so I had a full week in which to blitz my work.

We had a mad half hour Thursday morning getting ready for our visitor, who was coming any time between 9am and 5pm. He arrived at about 10:30am and was gone by 11am, so that wasn’t so bad. The poet had a training session in the afternoon cancelled, which meant he was working from home for the rest of the day.

I spent a lot of time scaring off the starlings from our bird table. We don’t mind our resident starlings and their babies coming down for the food. But other starlings fly around in massive flocks and they decimate the food supply, bully the smaller birds, and crap all over the patio. The residents pretty much ignored me, but the visitors kept flying away and coming back to me again.

In the end I moved into the conservatory to work. It was away from the distraction of the computer, I could sit and listen to the rain on the roof, it was light, and it was warm. I could also scare the birds off far more easily. The vet called to say we could go and collect Rufus’s ashes. But generally, the only thing I did for the rest of the day was the editing.

And reader, I finished it. The hard copy editing. That means today I’ll be working on the screen edits. In the middle of the day I go to get my hair cut, and the poet will pick up the dog’s ashes on his way home from work.

Have a super weekend!

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