Decisions made (*** lists alert ***)

The “Alphabet Bible” has a very touchy-feely woollen cover.

I spent much of yesterday trying to prioritise my workload and putting jobs into some sort of workable order. I even did a little writing, which was very good.

Following my navel-gazing, here is what I finally accomplished:

  • I wrote 479 words (against a 1,000-word target …) ✓
  • I continued reading a book for NetGalley (1 of 16) ✓
  • I continued reading a book for 52 Books in 52 Weeks (1 of 12), which will also count towards my NetGalley tally ✓
  • I started to write up ‘F’ is for … for the Alphabet Adventurers

This isn’t bad considering I posted yesterday’s blog post at 1:42pm.

I’m struggling on the ‘F’ is for … though, as it was such a long time ago and I can’t find the portable hard drive that apparently has the photographs on to remind me. We went at the end of May, and then it all kicked off for the house-move and I had other, more important stuff to complete before our internet was switched off and the office packed down.

Note to self: Remember to at least write up any alphabet adventures in the Alphabet Bible within two days.

I also did search the job boards, but nothing jumped out at me as not-to-be-missed. So I didn’t pitch for any extra work. I don’t really need extra work at the moment anyway, but I still like to keep an eye on the ball.

Work finished bang on 5pm, as we had to nip out, do some shopping and visit the poet’s mum.

I’ve been faffing a bit today, trying not to feel overwhelmed. But here is today’s to-do list:

  • admin hour ✓
  • search job boards ✓
  • pitch for any jobs ✓ (1)
  • write a blog post for Words Worth Writing ✓
  • write #2 (draft 2) of Pippa and Davey Forever (in progress)
  • more reading for NetGalley (1 of 16)
  • more reading for 52 Books in  52 Weeks (1 of 12)
  • finish ‘F’ is for … alphabet adventure (in progress)
  • continue editing book #1 (of 6) for lovely already client

There was just one editing job I fancied on the job boards, an ongoing one that won’t be starting straight away.

I *accidentally* requested another 3 books from NetGalley … Oops. (And one of those has already been granted. So 16 becomes 17 …)

‘F’ is still a struggle, and I even came to a standstill after writing “Draft 2: Pippa and Davey Forever”. But at least I’ve broken the back of that one, eh? 😉

This evening, after the poet finishes work, we’re off to Birmingham.

Next week
We have the weekend off for some very much-needed R&R, but we may pop out, either on an alphabet adventure or to see a dragon-boat race or something. The forecast looks warm but cloudy. The dragon-boat race might make a nice photography project for the poet. Most of all, though, we really, really need to recharge the batteries. Then:

  • daily dog-walk
  • daily admin hour
  • write (type) #3 (draft 3) of The Last Chick Fledges (working title)
  • write a blog post for Words Worth Writing, daily
  • continue reading book(s) for Net Galley, daily
  • continue reading book(s) for 52 Books in 52 Weeks, daily
  • search job boards, daily
  • pitch for jobs as and when
  • finish editing book #1 (of 6) for lovely already client
  • write #2 (draft 2) of Is this where you pee? (it’s a long story …) (actually, it’s a filler, but the story behind it is a long one! 😁 )
  • write (type) #3 (draft 3) of Pippa and Davey Forever
  • finalise book #2 (of 6) for lovely already client
  • edit The Last Chick Fledges (working title)
  • start book #3 (of 6) for lovely already client
  • write #1 (draft 1) of Bramble Jelly
  • invoice lovely already client
  • send The Ace of Wands off on its merry way
Inside the “Alphabet Bible”.

All being well, I’ll come in every day with an update of how I’m doing and what’s left to do, plus any extras, just to keep on top of it all. Hopefully, there may also be extra blog posts in the way of book reviews.

What are you up to this weekend?

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