Coming soon!

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As we slowly creep towards 1,000 followers of this blog, I’m thinking about a competition to celebrate the landmark once reached. What do you think? Would you join in? (Answers below!)

Some of you have been with me since the very beginning. Some of you have stumbled across me more recently.  And now I’d like to thank you all by offering a prize or two.

The 1st prize will consist of at least each and every one of my published paperbacks:

  • Night Crawler
  • Twee Tales
  • Twee Tales Too
  • Diary of a Scaredy Cat
  • A History of Cadbury

(This will also give me a kick up the bum to get Twee Tales back into paperback!)

(The Tales From Baggins Bottom compilations are no longer available.)

There may be a hardback thrown in (if The Life of Richard Cadbury isn’t in paperback by then), and there may be one or both of the two volumes I’ve also contributed to, depending on if I can get hold of them, one of which is also a hardback:

  • The Life of Richard Cadbury
  • The People’s Friend Annual, 2018
  • Horror 101

And, of course, there will be chocolate. In fact, the runner-up prize may only consist of chocolate! Some of you might hope to win only the runner-up prize! (You will have to tell me if you prefer sugar-free or vegan chocolate.) (And if you dislike, say, dark chocolate.)

The competition may also run across all of the platforms on which I have a presence (I’ll provide links when the time comes):

  • this blog
  • my Facebook writing page
  • my Facebook personal profile
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • MeWe

If you think this is a good idea, please share this blog with all of your friends and followers,to get us there a bit quicker. If you think it’s a rubbish, narcissistic idea, then please, scroll on by and I’ll see you next time. 😇

Thank you for reading. 😎

2 thoughts on “Coming soon!

  1. sounds like a great idea to me. It says thank you to your followers and as you say makes you concentrate the mind. Good luck. I hope you have loads of entries!

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