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Thursdays are always tired days for me. I don’t know why this happens, but it always has done. Even when I ‘worked for a living’ you could usually guarantee that Thursday would be the day I turned in late.

I didn’t ‘walk to work’ because by the time I realised what time it was, it was almost time to be at my desk. The walking workout is 15 minutes, so I should be able to fit that in.

Perhaps doing it every day is jumping in at the deep end. A lot of those on the program apparently started by only joining in 1 – 2 times per week, so I might aim at doing it 2 – 3 times a week at first.

I checked my emails and social media, and then it was job search time.

Ghostwriting jobs

There was one ghostwriting job I picked, because it looked like it could be the next phase of my own ghostwriting progression. However, when I did the sums and compared it to the amount of work I would be required to do, I discarded it again.

Currently, I’m ghostwriting from a 3-page scene-by-scene outline without any further author-client interaction, other than feedback from beta readers. This makes it a quick writing job.

I still have to know the era and the genre, and I’m given free rein with creative control over developing the characters, or breathing life into the locations and events, or how many chapters to break it down into, and so on.

If I had to put a lot more effort into coming up with characters, outlines, scenes, plotlines, twists and turns, etc, myself, I’d much sooner put my own name on the cover and write my own book, thank you very much.

There are ghostwriting gigs that require the ghostwriter to do all of that and still not get any further credit than the initial pay cheque. Once the amount of work and time from me goes up, then the rate also goes up considerably. I’d at least add another zero for a start.

Editing jobs

More and more jobs are popping up for different language editors and proofreaders. There was a time when we could select only the English language jobs to show up in searches, but that feature is either broken now or discontinued.

I didn’t fancy any of the UK-only jobs, but I did save an editing job from Hong Kong. I already work with one Hong Kong client and I’ve found that HK clients don’t shirk from paying a fair rate.

I reviewed the sample chapter they included (for review purposes and NOT as a sample edit – I don’t do sample edits for free), and I decided to pitch for that one.


After the job search, I did some admin.

We’re still getting post redirected from the old house, so as those are coming in (for me), I’m changing the address. There were only two to do yesterday.

I had a quick look at the daily competitions. Again, those seem to be much fewer and farther between on a Thursday, so that didn’t take very long at all.

And then I did some more date work. This is getting to be a bit boring at the moment. I think it’s because I’ve been doing it every day while I try to catch up. Hopefully, it will become a very quick job once more.


I did some work on both the novel and the ghostwriting. But I wasn’t really feeling it. So when the poet arrived home from work (he was on site yesterday and will be today too), I called it a day and knocked off.

Today will be better.

Have a great weekend!

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