Friday 26 April 2024: Locked in!

Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

Thursday morning I caught up with reading I IS FOR INNOCENT. I didn’t warm to this one straight away, but I think that’s because I didn’t really like H. However, the further I got into it, the more I felt as though the old Kinsey was coming back, even if she was still in a bit of a bind. Aside from the cosy mystery book, this is the only book I’ve read this past week.

The poet was working from home because he’d originally had another dental appointment on Thursday, which I cancelled on Monday when I was there. He had a steady morning working on various things while I stayed in the living room reading for a bit. He didn’t have any Teams meetings or anything, though. So as soon as I got to a place in my book I could tear myself away from, I joined him in the office.

I started by downloading a companion workbook to the cosy mystery book. It comes free with the workshops, but the workshops are quite expensive. I was much happier, at this stage, just paying for the pdf download. At some point I’ll no doubt replicate the system in my own way, but while I’m giving it a go, I’ll try it this way.

I shared the gig list, both as me and as Monkey Dust, and I did some admin. Then, when the poet had a break, he went into the loft to get some bags of pillows and bedding down while I held the ladder. We went through the stuff he collected, chose 4 decent pillows (2 for the caravan and 2 for spare), and tossed the rest. Most of them had been discovered by those mice I can sometimes hear tap-dancing in the roof space.

While he carted the rubbish out, I started today’s blog and then stared at my schedule for a bit. I thought SHAMPOO, SET AND MATCH would be the quickest one to get out of the way, so I settled in to edit that down by a further 300 words or so. The poet made us something to eat and by the time I’d finished mine, the story was also finished. Yay! I left it to cool for another week. If I’m happy with it, it’ll go off next Friday.

We had a delivery arriving between 5pm and 7pm, which was going to restrict when we could go and do some shopping. At 3:45pm I checked the tracker, only to find that my parcel had been ‘handed to resident’ at 2:24pm. Furious, I shot out of the house to look for it, and it had just been left against the front door where anyone could see it. Not only was it 3 hours EARLY, it was most definitely NOT handed to anyone.

BUT…at least it had arrived safely, and that meant we could rearrange the day to our heart’s content. I could quite easily carry on working when we got back if I needed to. And so could the poet, the work he was doing. We went out and got some bits for the van, did shopping for the van and for home, picked up a gas bottle, and went to load everything into the van we could leave there.

The plan was to come home and then I’d carry on with the editing, only we got locked in at the compound, not realising the gates closed at 6pm Monday to Thursday. We had to call someone and they had to give us a code to get out, but hopefully we won’t be making a habit of that.

The poet dropped me off to unload the home shopping and see to the dog while he went to get us some tea. This means it’s full throttle forward on the editing for me today.

Have a super weekend!

2 thoughts on “Friday 26 April 2024: Locked in!

  1. I didn’t realize you were parking the van in the special lot permanently. Lots of backing and forthing, but at least everything’s safe there once it’s tucked inside. Including you, if you don’t get out in time!

    i love the image of tap dancing mice.

    Have a great weekend.

    1. We weren’t going to leave it there, but we decided it was more secure there than if it was appearing and disappearing on/from the drive. Ian’s car is often missing when I’m still there, so not so noticeable. Hopefully. If they’d been too full, then it also might have only been temporary.

      Thank you, and backatchya!

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