Thursday 25 April 2024: Getting ready to go camping

Image by Xuan Duong from Pixabay

I put a chicken in the oven for tea on Tuesday night, but I didn’t really like the smell of it. I let it cook for about 30 minutes, to see if it might start to smell like chicken cooking, but it smelled like smoky bacon crisps (potato chips). I took it out of the oven to look at it, and the back of it had gone like a soft-crust on a bread roll. I really didn’t fancy it. So I chucked it out. A whole chicken. We should have frozen it, I suppose.

The poet was still on his way home from the south. It took him more than 5 hours to get back due to the traffic around London. He didn’t feel very hungry either, so he said we’d worry about tea when he got in. By then it was too late for me to have a proper dinner, so I had a crisp (potato chip) sandwich and a yoghurt. He still wasn’t hungry, but he did make himself a sandwich at about 9pm.

Wednesday morning we were up bright and early because he had an appointment at the dentist and I was taking him. He had another root removed but didn’t feel as sore as he had last time. When we got back, he did some admin for the new camper van while I did some diary work. He had some work to do as well, but at dinnertime he wanted to go and have a look at the new van and get the key fob sorted out.

The dog came with us for a ride and we went on to the mother-in-law’s because our tent and all of our camping things are in her garage. We snagged 3 small crates with plates, cutlery, glasses, cooking utensils, torches, etc, and 2 tables, a water-proof rug and some tent pegs for the awning. We already have 2 fold-up chairs in the back of the car, but those will also go with us for in the awning.

We’ll go through it all, wash it, and see if there’s anything else we need before we take it to the camper van. The plan is to do some shopping this evening, and then take everything up to the storage place on the first day we decide to go away. If we go away this weekend, I doubt very much the awning will even come out of the cupboard, it’s so cold. But at least we’ll have everything we need if we want to put it up.

Back home again and the poet made us both something to eat while I cracked on with work. I finished the short story for 12 STORIES IN 12 MONTHS and posted it up. It’s only one 500-word episode, but at least I managed something. While I was there, I collected the prompt for the next story, the word-count (1,500 words), and the deadline (22 May). This looks like a nice one this time, and a decent target.

While I was working, when the poet finished his work, he found us a campsite for our maiden voyage in the van. Due to prowlers in the village recently, I won’t be saying when we’ll be going, but I will talk about it when we get back. I’m sure you all understand. We often get someone to keep an eye on the house anyway, and sometimes even stay over. But just in case, I’d sooner not tempt fate.

I did my weekly tech scan and started today’s blog post, and then I got roped in to helping the poet go through our camping accessories. Some went in the bin. Some went on a pile to go back to the tent. But most of it can be utilised in the van.

And that was it. Today I need to catch up on both the Undercover Project and the editing. Plus, there’s one short story I’m revising.

2 thoughts on “Thursday 25 April 2024: Getting ready to go camping

  1. Smart not to talk about it until after. Living in a building with 4 apartments and very protective dogs downstairs, I’m not as careful about it as I used to be when we were in a stand-alone house. I probably should be.

    It sounds like you’re preparing for some fun adventures!

    1. Thank you, we are.

      I really need to curb my enthusiasm when announcing what we’re going to do rather than what we’ve already done. I used to be really good at it too, when I lived alone.

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