Diary of a Tiger: Wed 7 Sep 2022

Image by Jan Barkmann from Pixabay
Chapter 32: Wednesday 7 September – or ‘there should be a writing prompts post here but I don’t have one ready…’

Yesterday I didn’t have a book review ready, so I posted a diary update instead. Today I don’t have any writing prompts ready, so you’re getting another diary update instead. Next week, I may have caught up again…

The potential new client came back to me before the end of Monday evening, saying she would place her order and we’d be working together in October. I said I was looking forward to it. This will be a new tentacle for my income octopus, which I’m still trying to keep to 8.

News started to filter through about another potential client who may have a lot of work for me. I’ve discussed it with the poet and decided that they can have so many hours per week at my regular hourly rate. I’ll be proofreading loads of materials for them and it’s expected there will be a lot to do at first but it will gradually ease off to day-to-day or new campaign stuff, etc. And, more importantly, it’s another new tentacle for my income octopus.

The single folder I left backing up at the end of the day on Monday finally finished some time overnight. I started another one first thing Tuesday morning, and that took less than half a day.

I went in to start moving another one over when I noticed a load of temporary files that needed deleting beforehand. I started to delete them, and then I realise I have a 30-day trial for the new Avast, which comes with all of the premium features for the trial. So I set that onto it first.

In the meantime, I revised my publishing schedule so that the next 2 writers’ guides are due out in November. That gave me another 9 & 10 weeks respectively to make sure they’re both (a) finished, and (b) polished and ready to go. And I did a quick daily competitions. Then I went into social media to do some catching up and sharing.

By then the Avast was still only at 3%, so I cancelled it. I think there’s a real problem with that memory stick, so I’ll just keep getting stuff off it and then do the scan once it’s all on the portable hard drive.

Over dinner I caught up on a couple of blogs. Then I wrote the second draft of a new short story ahead of publication next week. I also caught up with pasting the last few chapters of the diary to the Word file, which bumped the running total up to more than 53,000 words.

I’ve decided to do NaNoWriMo in November, but I’m going to be a NaNoRebel this year and finish the campfire stories rather than start something new. This will be for a target of 10 stories. I won’t put a word-count figure on it yet until I have more idea of how long the stories will be. I already have all of the ideas, I already have all of the covers. I even have alternative covers if they turn out to be Wordsworth Flash Fiction rather than Wordsworth Shorts. And, of course, I even have the cover for the anthology.

I’ll be picking up the planning for this again today… (said she with more than a little optimism).

I tried again to move another folder from the memory stick to the portable hard drive after first dumping a load of duplicate or repaired files. This folder is full of work that was affected by my computer hissy fit the other month, and I ended up with everything 3 or 4 times in a bid to ensure I had the latest versions as well as the original versions.

Once I had it working fairly quickly, I worked my way through the memory stick while I also worked on the ghostwriting. At the same time I was watching another new British prime minister on the telly.

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