Wrapping up the portable garden

These tomatoes were harvested last week. There are still more on the vine.

Now that we have a date from the insurance company and we know what day we’ll be moving house, we’re starting to dismantle things. And that includes the portable garden.

We had only just got into the swing of our new portable garden when 2 things happened:

  1. The UK officially went into drought
  2. We finally found a lovely bungalow to move to

Fortunately, hose-pipe bans don’t yet include watering produce. That meant we could at least still water what we already had. We didn’t start off anything new, though, in case we lost it.

We have been harvesting what was left of the potatoes and tomatoes, and we’ve been emptying pots and other containers of unusable compost. We’re going to a nice big wrap-around private garden where the portable raised beds can be used again and where the poet might be able to install another irrigation system.

We also have a lot of weeding still to do in the old garden (blummin’ gravel), and we have hedges to trim, lawns to cut, and basically a general tidy up. We have yet to decide if we’re leaving the shed or taking it to the tip. There’s already a shed at the new house, and the poet doesn’t think the old shed has another move in it.

The last of our potatoes were harvested last week and we had them with our Sunday dinner. There were even enough to be fried a day or so later.

Beyond the tomatoes, though, we’re just about done with the portable garden at this house.

We’ve collected a few more pots and containers over at the new house, and we’re taking the best of what we already have with us. The rest will be going to the tip. Then we’ll do a proper, planned portable/patio garden at the new house alongside the raised beds and the existing fruit trees and bushes there.

I’ll pick up the narrative again once we’ve settled at the other side and know what we’re doing. I’ll also include news from the kitchen if we make anything with any of the produce over there.

In the meantime, just look at these spuds! Blummin’ gorgeous!

These are Desiree reds.

2 thoughts on “Wrapping up the portable garden

  1. I didn’t realize that the move to the gravel garden house was interim, while you were still looking for something (I hope, for your sake), longer term. Moving is such a pain, and here you are, having to do it again. But at least it sounds like you have a lovely garden at the new place. I hope it’s as stress-free a move as possible.

    Our tomato plants never grew beyond shoots. I don’t know what’s going on here this summer.

    1. I hate moving house, but my back and my knees hate the staircase more. We stay pretty flexible due to Ian’s work, in case he needs to relocate. But when we saw the bungalow, we knew we wanted it.

      Even the ‘dead’ tomato plant thrived here, but it is a sun trap. The gravel is a nightmare. Why anyone thinks it’s low maintenance is beyond me. It’s much easier just to get a lawnmower out and cut grass.

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