Project reboot

So, after my little tantrum yesterday, Amazon have now accepted Diary of a Scaredy Cat. Draft2Digital did their thang, and they got it through.

At the time of writing, they’re still working on getting Twee Tales Twee up there, but at least Diary of a Scaredy Cat is there now.

You can by the ebook here, in multi-format, and from here, on Kindle, directly from Amazon.

Project reboot

With the end of full lockdown, I seem to have found a new energy. We started a new eating regime just over a week ago, and already I’ve lost just under 4lb. Not a lot, but I’m losing the lethargy that had set in.

This new lease of life seems to have given me a bit of a kick up the bum.

I’ve given the blog a complete overhaul.

Those reading on a desktop will see that the theme has changed, the layout has changed, and the sidebar has been updated. Those reading on mobile devices will find the new sidebar stuff down at the bottom of the screen.

All of my self-published books have been revitalised and given new publicity materials.

All of my projects in progress have been given proper, structured schedules.

I’ve even started on the partials for when the relevant books are ready to go off on their rounds.

And then, when it looks like I finally have all of my ducks in a row, it seems I might have a new, long-term editing job on the horizon. From Birmingham, England – my old stomping ground.

The alphabet adventurers

Just over three years ago, the poet and I began a new project that we could enjoy together. We both like to go out walking and sightseeing anyway, the poet was learning photography, and we wanted something that could link both of those with my writing.

And so we started the alphabet adventurers. This is where we visit somewhere in Yorkshire (at the moment), from A to Z. Depending on its success, we were going to collate it into a book and DVD.

When we finished Yorkshire, the plan was to start again somewhere else, whether that be a different county or a specific location, such as castles or something else.

Just over a year ago, in January 2020, we went on what was to be our last adventure before we were locked down.

We could have carried on with some of the places, as part of our daily exercise, so long as we didn’t travel too far.

However, with so many others enjoying the countryside, it became impossible to remain socially distanced, and Rufus isn’t always great with other dogs. So we had to put it on ice.

And now the ice is thawing and we’re starting to build up my fitness and the dog’s again (he’s had a bit of a lazy leg and we need to get him using it again). So another reboot is the alphabet adventurers.

You can find the Facebook page here, the blog here, the YouTube channel here, and our Twitter here. Please consider giving us a bit of a lift. Thank you!

Back to work

Anyway, as my weekends are likely to be filled again with walking or visiting or alphabet adventuring, I’m not going to have that time to catch up on work when I’m behind.

I’d better get on with it …

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