Image by John Conde from Pixabay

Friday morning dawned bright and sunny after the storms of the previous couple of days.

The working day began with some Monkey Dust admin and half an hour of date work – July is finished and the Monkey Dust diary is filling up nicely.

Next up was the cosy mystery ghostwriting. This is a very long chapter, but I did get a bit carried away with the time. That is good, yes?

After dinner, I had to do some more Monkey Dust admin, as a rash of gigs came in. The pubs must be waking up.

And then it was the Regency ghostwriting. But as I kept on being interrupted by band queries, I didn’t get done as much as I’d like.


Yup, I worked at the weekend. But by the time I’d done some household chores and things, it was already midday when I arrived at my desk on Saturday.

First of all, I went through and made some corrections to the Regency, and I printed the latest chapter off. Then I went back to the cosy mystery. I finished my sample chapter, and I printed that off.

While I worked, the poet brought me something to eat, and when I was ready, I went and read out the two chapters to him.

At first he was busy recording one of his own compositions in the studio, but by the time I went to read to him, he was looking at his choices for his new company vehicle. He made his selection, and off it went. (It’s a blue one …)

I came back to my desk, made a few more tweaks, and then fired the cosy off to the client. I don’t know if I’ve done the kind of job she’s looking for, but by the time it went I was more happy with it than when I started. So if it’s a no, I might just use it to springboard some ideas off.

The dog was mithering me a lot to go out, but he didn’t realise that the back door was already open. I still had to supervise him, though. Apart from him being a burrower, there are dog thieves stealing animals from gardens.

And then it was back to the Regency …

Overnight, the acknowledgement came back on the sample chapter submission, and she authorised payment. That’s how samples should work. Finger’s crossed she likes it, eh?


Sunday was Mother’s Day in the UK, so the first thing we did was go doorstep visiting. On our way home, we did the weekly shop.

When we’d put the shopping away and had something to eat, we moved to the poet’s studio where he was finding out more about his choice of company car.

Then he finalised the latest lockdown video from Monkey Dust and he posted it to YouTube. You can see it here. We’re hoping this is the last one made in lockdown.

Meanwhile, I carried on with the Regency ghostwriting …


Today I have to finish the first instalment of the Regency ghostwriting gig. That’s going to be my main priority all day.