Writer at work

This is the last of the latest reviews for A History of Cadbury. Another sneaked onto Amazon after I created these, which is good, and nice, particularly as it was another 5-star review. But this is the last of the review flyers – for now.


As it was Valentine’s weekend, we did the shopping on Friday to get it out of the way. We didn’t go out again for a takeaway as we bought the makings for cheese burgers and fries.

We did a quick, socially distanced doorstep visit on Saturday. And on Sunday, we had a day off. I played games for most of the day while the poet did some studio stuff.

‘Walk to work’

I didn’t manage to do any of my admin stuff before starting work as I decided to ‘walk to work’ instead. I’m not sure how long this will last or whether or not it will have any effect. But I need to get moving and, if successful, I’ll fill in the details another time.


After checking there was no work waiting for me from Hong Kong or Pakistan, the first job of the day was initial date work. However, after I got halfway through June, I noticed that the 3 date sites that I was using were either inaccurate, or they contradicted each other. That started alarm bells ringing.

I looked into it further, and not only were they contradicting each other, but they were also starting to contradict themselves! So I had to go back to the drawing board to see if I could find a more reliable source.

I think I found one, and it’s one that has everything in one place – events, music, film, births, deaths, sport. I went back to the beginning of June (I couldn’t really justify going back to the middle of February, so I’ll just have to double-check anything I select).

However, I only got as far as the end of the first full week and I had to stop for the day. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have got anything else done.

I’m almost at my own self-enforced 6-month timeline now, so I’m hoping that by the end of the week, I’ll have re-started my think/query(or research)/write/submit procedure.


As the latest book flyer mock-up was for Valentine’s day, I went in and made a new one for Easter. This is getting quicker and quicker the more I do it. I’ll use the new one as the illustration for the next blog post.


My main priority now is to get the third and final instalment of the ghostwriting gig done. The feedback finally arrived from the second instalment and, once again, the beta reader is using US English instead of UK English and, I think, Grammarly.

She also insists on job titles being capitalised, even when they’re being used as ordinary nouns instead of Proper Nouns. This is not only US English again, but it’s also considered to be quite old-fashioned now.

My argument has and always will be, if you’re not going to elevate a teacher, then why should you elevate a duke? I mean, it’s now considered usual to say ‘archbishop of Canterbury’ or ‘duke of Orange’. So if it’s a plain old archbishop, and it has the word ‘the’ in front of it, it’s an ordinary noun.

Sorry, folks.

My target is 2,500 words per day which is a chapter and a quarter. I’d like to try and clear two chapters a day if I can, at least while I don’t have any editing or proofreading work in. With my dates work going over this morning, though, I doubt I’ll clear two whole chapters today.