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Adding structure

(Image by Michael Gaida from Pixabay) My self-isolation was over on Saturday and I tested negative on Sunday. So we nipped out for the first time in almost two weeks to get…

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Short n sweet

I nicked today’s featured image from a Facebook friend. I have no idea where he found it or if he made it himself. But I liked it, it amused me,…

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Taking it easy

(Image by Anrita1705 from Pixabay) After trying to fight the virus and carry on with work, I finally conceded and took a few days off to recuperate. I haven’t been as poorly as…

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Back to work

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay Our laptop is quite old now, and a bit too heavy to work with on my lap. But while I was waiting for my Covid…

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Our prime minister’s full formal lockdown instruction didn’t come until Monday 23 March. However, we suspected it was on the way and so we did our regular shopping early, ensuring…