One job at a time

Image by TaniaRose from Pixabay

I don’t have any pictures to hand today, and I don’t have time to sort one out. So here’s one courtesy of Pixabay. 

Today I am not a happy bunny as WordPress have finally taken the classic editor off the WP admin posts page. Perhaps it’s an October thing.

It’s not all bad, as there’s a classic editor “block” now. But I have yet to discover how to position pictures where I want them to be and not where they want them to be.

Perhaps a job for another day, when I’m less busy.

The weekend

We had a good weekend. The poet was toying with going to an open fishing match on Saturday, but the weather forecast was for heavy rain all day, and he’s not as young as he used to be. So we had a day at home instead, pottering.

I ordered a new phone, after a lot of research. I wanted a smaller one (in physical size), I wanted another Samsung, but I wanted a bit more storage space. So my new phone is due to arrive tomorrow, Tuesday. And it’s a blue one.

Then I ordered my phone case. It’s similar to the one I already have but, of course, it needs to be bigger. I ordered a red one last time and when it arrived it was cerise. I’ve ordered a blue one this time. I can hardly wait to see what colour this one will be.

On Sunday we went out to Cleethorpes for our Sunday dinner and a walk along the beach. It drizzled a bit while we were there. But we enjoyed fish and chips (sausage and chips for me) and fresh doughnuts in the car.

We’re the closest we’ve ever been to Cleethorpes now. It’s just a smidge under an hour to get there. 


The proofreading job on Friday turned into a bit of a rewrite. But before I could just go ahead and change it willy nilly, I had to get approval from the client. There was a major plot flaw and I can fix it. I just didn’t have time to do the fixing on Friday.

We discussed it over the weekend, after I’d submitted the original job on time in the first place. And the upshot is I have today to do the fixing. Today was my suggestion as I still have the ghostwriting job to do.

Catch the Rainbow

I joined a Facebook group at the weekend that’s about the families of those killed or injured during the Birmingham pub bombings of 1974.

Seeing the kinds of things they discuss, and what’s important to them, I’m having another rethink about what to include in this story and whether or not to just fictionalise it all.

I’m going to finish all three storylines and then play around with the content, maybe see what the beta readers think. I’ve already discussed it with the poet (aka the business manager), and he thinks I should just carry on with it as it is.


I didn’t do any writing at all on Friday as I was struggling through the plot flaw in the proofreading job and I wanted to get it back by close of play. 

Jobs to do today

First job today is to edit the foreword for The Life of Richard Cadbury and get it sent to the publisher. Once that’s been inserted and the proofs sent back to me, I can start the index.

The plan for the rest of the day is to get the rewrite woven in today and sent back, and then spend the rest of the week on the ghostwriting job.

The paid gigs need to be done first. But I don’t feel so hard done by as the ghostwriting job is writing and I’m enjoying the challenge.

  • blog post = 500 words ✅
  • edit foreword
  • proofreading rewrite

Word meters as at 9am today

Catch the Rainbow


46,633/80,000 words. 58% done!

Diary of a Pussycat


39,939/50,000 words. 80% done!

Ghostwriting Gig #1


2,250/63,000 words. 4% done!

(Word meters from Language is a Virus.)