Today, I am a writer

I had a bit of a strange experience yesterday. I’m admin on a Facebook group, the Seriously Serious Scribes, and last week I set off two new daily threads for October. All was working well, until on Sunday, I was seeing notifications for one of the threads, but I couldn’t see the thread.

I checked again yesterday morning, and sure enough, there it was gone. My friend tagged me in the thread I was looking for, and I saw the tag, but I still couldn’t see the thread. So I logged a fault with Facebook.

It made me look for a picture of a gremlin to illustrate today’s post, and all I got was pixies. Oh, and a picture of the Kremlin … so I went for a regular typewriter picture instead.

Anyway, I still can’t see the thread, but everyone else can. So I guess it must just be me. Again. 

The Life of Richard Cadbury

The first job I did yesterday, after the blog post, was to edit the foreword for The Life of Richard Cadbury. It didn’t take very long, as it was quite short, and now it’s with the designer. Once I get an updated layout back, I can start indexing the book.


I had an invoice to raise, that should have been raised a week earlier. So off that went. And I had the diary to plan for the week, so that was done too.

Plot flaw rewrite

I spent the rest of yesterday on the tweak to the proofreading job. I had to change a major plot flaw and then go through and knit it in throughout the rest of the book. I hope I made a good job of it. 


For the rest of the week I’m finishing the first instalment of the ghostwriting job. I have to have 20,000 words, or thereabouts, by the end of the week. Yesterday took a chunk out of that, but I think it’s still doable. Especially if that’s all I concentrate on.

I’ve calculated that I need to write 4,440 words a day between now and Friday, but I also have the weekend as a safety net. I’d like to clear it by Friday if I can, though. So I’ve split it into two targets per day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, of 2,220 words each session.

New phone day

Today is new phone day. The wallet arrived yesterday, and it was the colour I ordered – a teal blue. It’s not much bigger than my old phone wallet, so I’m hoping they’ve sent the right one.

The new phone is due to arrive between 11:07 and 12:07. Both phones are Samsungs, so I should be able to do a swift and simple transfer of stuff.

Jobs to do today

  • blog post = 500 words ✅
  • ghostwrite 4,440 words

Word meters as at 9am today

Catch the Rainbow


46,633/80,000 words. 58% done!

Diary of a Pussycat


39,939/50,000 words. 80% done!

Ghostwriting Gig #1


2,250/63,000 words. 4% done!

(Word meters from Language is a Virus.)