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Tuesday 16 April 2024: The dog’s birthday yesterday

I was just closing down the office on Friday when the poet came in and asked if I fancied a trip to the seaside. Well, I’ve never been one to…

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Working hard

To the outsider, it may look as though I had the last 4 days off. And I did have a 4-day weekend. However, I was working solidly on Saturday and…

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Cleethorpes boating lake

The plan was to do the 2-mile promenade walk at Cleethorpes, but when we got there it seemed that the rest of England had had the same idea. Cleggie was…

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Classic editing

Friday disappeared down a dark hole when I ended up in a support conversation with WordPress due to one post not auto-posting to Facebook, the Facebook Share button not working…

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One job at a time

I don’t have any pictures to hand today, and I don’t have time to sort one out. So here’s one courtesy of Pixabay.  Today I am not a happy bunny…

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New Year, New Start

Welcome to a shiny new year. What are your plans for the coming months? We had a decent, relaxing holiday, with a very busy first half and a very lazy…