Coming soon! + Links galore!

The Life of Richard Cadbury. Coming soon!

My book, The Life of Richard Cadbury, is due to be released on 30 November.

The book is available for pre-order from Pen & Sword Books and from Amazon UK. It’s also on Hive in the UKAnd at Waterstones!

Marketing & admin

I started the day yesterday with some marketing (I was searching for the booksellers that already have The Life of Richard Cadbury up for pre-order) and some admin. It was new month day, so that meant updating the new month and the 10-project planner spreadsheets.

And then I did a little promotion work for the new gig list group.

I’m gradually moving my stuff from Facebook to MeWe. I don’t like the FB algorithms, I don’t like being shown what FB thinks I want to be shown, and I don’t like being bombarded with adverts. I also have privacy concerns.

I had started to move my stuff to Goodreads, but that’s also owned by FB and, anyway, I don’t just have writerly or readerly friends. And I’ve never really got along with Twitter, but I do keep a bit of a presence there. Again, I like to see my friends’ posts in the order that they post them and not in the order that Twitter thinks I want to see them.

I’ve had a profile on MeWe since May 2019. Now I also have two groups: Diane’s Gig List; and Diane Wordsworth (Writer).

I found with FB that groups perform much better than pages as posts go to every member, unless the members have hidden notifications, rather than (again) who FB thinks wants to see them. We have to pay for pages on MeWe anyway, but groups are free.

We already have a few members in the gig list group and some took part in a poll about who could post to the group. I changed the permissions to suit the votes so far, and I added a nice live video that I also added to the FB group.

That’s another thing with FB. From 1 October, their robots are issuing take-downs for any music videos they think (remember, these are robots) contravene copyright. But the bots aren’t that clever yet, and they seem to be taking down anything that bears a passing resemblance to something else.

The majority of members in the gig list group are covers bands or artistes. Their living has already been slashed by COVID and social distancing.  But they also already know what they can and cannot legally do. And they certainly know better than a bunch of robots.

I’m gradually populating the profile and the groups on MeWe, and some posts are even only appearing on MeWe now. So if you’re on MeWe and would like to join me there, please follow the links (galore)!


I skipped both of my own writing projects and went straight to the ghostwriting job. That went on a lot easier than previous days, but it’s still very slow. I need to be writing more and writing faster.  But I finished a draft of chapter 1 and started chapter 2.

I also cleared the 2,000-word mark. But I only have 2,250 words so far when I should really have closer to 8,000. Still, it’s more than I managed for my own two projects.

I can see me working at the weekend at this rate.

Jobs to do today

I need to finish the proofreading job and get it back today, so that’s what I’ll be concentrating on. We have a very wet weekend forecast and that means we may be staying at home. I’ll try and do any catch up work then.

  • blog post = 500 words ✅
  • this week’s proofreading job

Have a great weekend!

Word meters as at 9am today

Catch the Rainbow

46,633/80,000 words. 58% done!

Diary of a Pussycat

39,939/50,000 words. 80% done!

Ghostwriting Gig #1

2,250/63,000 words. 4% done!

(Word meters from Language is a Virus.)