Friday 19 July 2019

It’s great being able to turn up to work wearing whatever you like. Yesterday it was shorts and t-shirt again before I had to “get dressed” to go out.

The first hour of the day was spent reading three chapters of the NetGalley book. I also did a tiny bit of gig list admin (shared this week’s gig list and then scheduled a post asking for next week’s gigs).

I remembered to start my Pomodoro tomato and I spent the next few hours finishing the hard-copy edit of the client book. I finished so early, I moved to the office and switched the computer on with a view to starting the screen edit … but then I got distracted for the rest of the day.

The tomato worked, though. In between editing I managed to wash, hang out, bring in and put away a line-load of washing. The dog thinks that hanging out the washing is the best game in the world ever as it’s a great opportunity to play “fetch”, and the *only* reason we’re out there in the first place.

Because I knew I had to go out, I had another working lunch, but this time I ate and worked at the same time. I wanted to go out before the post office closed so that I could post at least one of the greetings cards before the end of the day. However, the poet reminded me that we could drop the card in by hand at the weekend, and so that gave me more time at my desk …

… and then I got distracted.

I didn’t get around to writing up Sunday’s alphabet adventure, so I still have that to do today. I also have that screen edit to blitz so that I can submit that work today too.

We have a busy weekend ahead. The poet’s band is playing for our friends’ wedding Saturday night and on Sunday we’ll be going to see my mom and will do some more clearing out at the house in Birmingham. Saturday daytime will likely be spent putting the finishing touches to last week’s alphabet adventure and posting both the blog post and the video.

If the weather is fine, we would also like to spend an hour on the garden to at least clear a patch. It’s a big garden and to do it all in one go would probably take a week. So we have to do it a little at a time. Last week, the poet cut five lawns. (Yes, we have five lawns …) Next we need to tidy up the borders … of which we also have five. And three of them are very big.

It doesn’t look like shorts weather today.

Have a great weekend.

2 thoughts on “Friday 19 July 2019

  1. It’s coming down like stair rods here! A busy weekend for you, but have a good one. Presumably you’re not at Harrogate.

    1. It’s banging down here too, as they say. 😉 No, we already had the wedding booked in (he arranged the wedding just so he could host a Monkey Dust party!), and by the time the program arrived, nearly all of the tickets had already gone.

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