Monday 22 July 2019

Much of Friday was spent finishing the client edit, and I did, and I submitted it, and he cleared payment. It will be in my bank on Wednesday. How cool is that? I read two more chapters of the NetGalley book, and I wrote a blog post. And that was Friday.

We had a fairly busy weekend.

On Saturday, during the day, we finalised the video for the latest alphabet adventure and I wrote the blog post up direct to screen. That took a few hours because the poet is trialling a new video editing package and he lost his work a couple of times while he learnt how to use it. I still have to write up the visit in our alphabet adventurers diary, but that will be by hand when I have a little time.

I wanted to get a directional desk lamp for when I’m working at the computer from my lectern. This can be copy typing or it can be screen editing from hard copy.

We already have a standing directional project lamp that has a daylight bulb in it. My dad gave us both some money one Christmas and we bought the lamp with that, as we both use it. I use it when sitting in a comfy seat (or settee) and reading, proofreading or hard-copy editing, or for when I’m doing cross stitch or knitting something that needs my concentration. The poet uses it for painting. So it was a nice joint gift.

But this lamp, along with the necessary cable, has to be manhandled from behind the settee in the office to behind my shoulder at my desk and then back again. And so I decided I’d like a desk lamp instead for when I’m working at my desk.

The only trip out was to go and get this desk lamp – and we filled my car up with petrol on the way back. Then, after the poet made us a gorgeous seafood carbonara for tea (currently one of our favourites), his band mates came and collected him in the bandwagon and I followed later in the car to fetch us both home. Our friends were getting married and they’d booked Monkey Dust to play for them.

The band don’t really enjoy weddings as much as they do most other gigs as, generally, the people who have booked them and maybe a few of their friends are the only ones who like them, and the rest of the guests aren’t sure (a) what to expect, and (b) whether or not to let their hair down and dance. This particular friend, though, has booked them before, and it was a fantastic party – for guests and band alike. So when he asked them if they’d like to do it again for his wedding, they jumped at it.

And, once again, it was a thoroughly enjoyable party with probably around 90% of the guests joining in, singing along, dancing. Even the ones who had never seen the band before. So that was a great night.

We got home late, and were up early(ish) the next day to make the drive down to Birmingham. We dropped a friend’s birthday card in, had a picnic at my parents’ house, did some more clearing out, and then went to visit my mom. On the way back, we dropped into see the poet’s mum too.

When we got home, the poet made a sumptuous roast pork dinner (the pork was in the slow cooker), with colcannan mashed potatoes. He makes them with spring onions and cheese. Yum.

And then we relaxed. At about 7:30pm on Sunday evening, our weekend started …

This morning, an expected job hadn’t arrived yet, and so that has freed up the first half of the day for writing work. Then I’m off to the writers’ group for the afternoon.