Thursday 18 July 2019

Yesterday’s writing attire of choice was a more respectable shorts and t-shirt, but when the rain came and the temperature dropped, I dressed myself properly once again.

I didn’t get much writing work done. I managed to read another chapter of the NetGalley book, I wrote a blog post and I did a chunk of admin. But the rest of the day was spent editing.

I meant to put my Pomodoro tomato on so that I could work in bursts of 25 minutes and have a break in between in which to do some household chores. I have my break set to ten minutes because I can do so much more in ten minutes than five and once all the chores are done, the breaks can be spent having a proper break.

But I forgot to put the tomato on and I forgot to take breaks. I worked through dinner (lunch), even forgetting to eat. But at around 3pm I was so hungry I had to stop. I topped up the bird feeders at the same time. And then it was back to the book.

I wanted to reach my 100 pages, which I did. Then I wanted to reach the halfway point, which I did. And then I wanted to go a little beyond the halfway point so it wasn’t such a big job today, and I did. So I slept with a clear conscience as a result.

The poet got home from his trip away and while he edited the Alphabet Adventurers vlog from Sunday, I carried on working, and we both stopped at just before 7pm. And we had the rest of the day off!

Today, then, I’d like to finish the hard-copy edit of the client job so I can blitz the screen edit tomorrow, and I want to at least write up in longhand Sunday’s Alphabet Adventurers trip. We would like this to be ready to go by the weekend.

I also need to pop out to get greetings cards and collect a prescription from the chemist, and then, later, the weekly shopping.

It’s another warm one today, but there’s a gentle breeze.