Review of last week

Well, first of all, I got my first half stone (7lb) certificate from Slimming World on Thursday. This has been a long time coming despite actually losing 12lb in real life.

Still, it’s the weekly scales that register. However, another quarter of a pound and I’ll have dropped down into the next stone zone (SW weigh-in). Maybe next week…

Last week

What did I learn with the new regime last week?

Firstly, I don’t seem to need a full hour for the social hour. Secondly, I’m rarely ready to take the dog for a walk walk to work before 9am.

So, I’m going to claw 15 minutes from my social hour to do the walk, leaving me a full hour to get up, washed and dressed, and 45 minutes to check social media and emails.

Thirdly, half an hour is not long enough to make my dinner, sit down and eat it away from my desk, and have a bit of a break. I need at least 45 minutes. I’m not yet sure where I can claw back that 15 minutes, unless I do the second walk of the day at 5:15pm instead of 5pm.

If I change it to a dinner hour, I’ll have to steal 15 minutes from each session.

I’ll have to play with that one a bit. Also, I’m usually starving hungry by 1:15pm, so it might come out of my ‘my work’ time. Unless I make sure I have my two pieces of fruit with my 11:30am coffee time break.

The two main time-slots seem to be working. I’m more than happy doing my own work or any faffing between 10am and 1:15pm, and by the time the afternoon session starts, I don’t feel cheated. Also, the work I’m allocating fits in great too.

Unfortunately, I’ve struggled to do work for three different clients in one 3-hour afternoon slot. But I did do quite a lot of client work. I can do work for two clients easily enough, I just don’t think I can realistically manage three. Or not on a regular basis at least.

I’ve also struggled to remember the two 15-minute breaks. In the good old days when we had outlook installed locally, every one of my work and break sessions had an alarm to remind me. I didn’t want to set up a load of alarms again throughout the day. But I might need to set them up for break times.

When I did remember to take my break, I also managed quite a few household chores just while the kettle boiled. Such as empty the dishwasher, change the cat litter, do a dog poo patrol, empty the bins. The one chore I haven’t managed so far is the washing. But if I remember to take more breaks, that might resolve itself.

Apart from all of the above… well, it seems to be working. I’m not disappearing down rabbit holes all day. I’m spending time with my own work and not feeling cheated. And I’m concentrating on client work in the client sessions. Above all, I’m getting things done. Eventually.

So I think I’m going to stick to it with just those minor tweaks for a bit longer.

Other things I learnt
  • I learnt how to add pictures to my posts again without the featured image duplicating itself
  • I learnt how to access the dashboard from my phone
  • I learnt how to convert story ideas to full plots on my mobile story plotting app (it’s called Story Plotter if you’re interested)
  • I learnt how many words I already write in a regular month
  • I learnt that I’m still gullible enough to think I can also fit in a NaNo
  • I learnt that I won’t be able to take all of the poet’s holidays with him before Christmas