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Thursday 13 July 2023: I wrote a short story set on a ship

The very last thing I did before going to sleep on Tuesday night was plot out the storyline for The City of Glasgow. I used Story Plotter on my phone….

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Diary of a Tiger: w/c Fri 14 Jan

Chapter 3: Week commencing Friday 14 January Friday After a bit of hit and miss, I was back on track again by Friday. I did my typing practice first, and…

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NaNoWriMo Prep Day 1

I had a late start on Thursday due to working very late into Wednesday night. I finished one of the ghostwriting gigs, though, and by the time I got up…

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Review of last week

Well, first of all, I got my first half stone (7lb) certificate from Slimming World on Thursday. This has been a long time coming despite actually losing 12lb in real…