Autumn is here

(Image by Pepper Mint from Pixabay)

Aside from still suffering with the after effects of Covid this past week, I’ve also been busy catching up on ghostwriting (1) book 7 part 1, which was due in last Sunday. I submitted it last night, so only four days late.

Concentration and fatigue have been the two main factors. I also have what feels like a heavy cold and my sense of smell is dropping in and out.

However, it’s not the latter that’s causing me problems. It’s the former.

I really have been unable to sit and work for hours on end. Until yesterday. Yesterday I worked solid, only taking breaks between chapters. I have to admit, though, it does seem to have worn me out.

Today I want to send something back to ghostwriting client 2. She has been so flexible, patient and understanding, and she even extended all of my deadlines to compensate for my illness.

Ghostwriting client 1 has been great too, as he always in. But I already have a longstanding relationship with him and he knows that I’ll deliver eventually. Ghostwriting client 2 only has my word for it so far.

The poet tested negative on Tuesday and was back ‘at work’ on Wednesday, although he’s been working from home. I still have to isolate until Sunday, when I will do another test. If I am clear, we’re going to go out and get some fresh air.

Every autumn the poet says he’d like to go and take pictures of the autumn colours in the trees, and every year either time or the weather are against us. Today the weather is beautiful. Blue sky, quite warm, yet still we know that autumn has arrived.

If this weather holds until Sunday, then guess what we’ll probably be doing. As we both regain our strength, we also need to go and complete L is for… for the alphabet adventurers. It was summer still when we started it, so we will have to explain the change of colours.

I don’t think that will be this weekend, though. If anything, it will be the weekend after.

He’s off to do the shopping at some point today. He has to go on his own, though, because I’m still in isolation. He’s still been crashing of an afternoon. Who knows how long this thing is going to stay with us?

I’ve been having shenanigans with Amazon over some of my more recently published works. We’re trying to sort that out between us: Amazon, the aggregator and me.

Fingers crossed I get some work done today, and have a great weekend!