Short n sweet

I nicked today’s featured image from a Facebook friend. I have no idea where he found it or if he made it himself. But I liked it, it amused me, and I nicked it. (With thanks to Paul White!)

I had a quick look at Facebook at about 5pm yesterday and when it didn’t load, I just shrugged my shoulders, moved on and forgot about it… until the BBC news told me almost two hours later that there was a problem.

Then, the only time I tried to log on was just to see if it was still down. Oh, and I think we looked at the FB share-price plummet a couple of times.

Once upon a time I would have been checking FB every ten minutes or so, just to see if there were any new likes or comments or posts. Or even simply out of habit. Last night I couldn’t have cared less, and to be honest, I was quite disappointed when it came back on at just before bedtime.

What a long way I’ve come, although I concede that it is probably still most definitely a lifeline to some. I don’t have WhatsApp and I’ve only just started to use Instagram. So I really didn’t miss it at all.

Today I’m back at work with a vengeance. Yesterday I struggled with concentration. Today, I want to smash through that and just get on with work again.

I still have to isolate until Sunday, so I can’t go anywhere. I may as well do what I can when I can and try and make a dent in it all.

Short n sweet today, because I’m busy.