Time out

(Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay)

I love this picture above. It’s the feature picture I use on Trello for my NetGalley board.

Friday 13 August 2021

On Friday I forgot to mention Slimming World. It was only another flying visit to get weighed, but I’d lost a pound, bringing the current loss to 6½lb. Just half a pound more (or less, whichever way you look at it) and I’ll have lost my first half a stone (7lb).

In real life, however, I’ve lost around 10 – 11lb, but SW is a few pounds behind as I’d already lost some before joining. And in real life I’m finally starting to see the difference, which is really motivating.

I also forgot to mention that the two previous Wednesday writing prompts I merged together on Tuesday were eventually published in Feedium on Medium. I might start sending those a day early.

The first job I did was Friday’s blog post. The next job I did was publish C is for… Cayton Bay on Medium and all of the sharing gubbins that goes with that.

These alphabet adventures take quite a long time to reformat for Medium, because the pictures copy across too small and all have to be located, uploaded and captioned again.

Then I updated the poet’s forwarding links on WordPress because his old one was going to a defunct URL (this is for when he likes a post or leaves a comment, for example). I think that’s working now.

I had a bit of an e-chat with the ghostwriting client, explaining to him why I don’t think writing two books at the same time is sustainable. I don’t mind helping out in an emergency, but I don’t want to make it a regular thing. Fortunately, he was great with that.

And then I finished early to do the meal plan for this week and the shopping list, and then to go and do the shopping.

Here’s how Friday went:

  • wrote Friday’s blog post (469 words)
  • published C is for… Cayton Bay on Medium
  • shared the Medium stories on social media
  • updated the master index on Medium
  • negotiated with ghostwriting client
  • started today’s blog post (143 words)

Words written today = 612 words

The weekend

Reader, I took the weekend off…

Well, I did some proofreading. And I finished today’s blog post. Oh yes, and I booked and paid for our first holiday in more than 2 years. But everything else has been scheduled for this coming week. I needed a couple of days off.