Crowded lakeside

Image by Robert Balog from Pixabay

On Saturday we popped to one of our local parks to partake in our daily (dog) exercise. It’s a newish park that has a lovely walk around a massive lake.

We knew it would be busy, but we didn’t think there would be a load of idiots there too.

When we arrived, it was a job in itself to get from the car to the path, as it was very icy. And when we stepped onto the grass instead, that was very muddy. A so-called “short cut” also turned out to be a really difficult and muddy hill.


We would have gone clockwise around the lake, but there were literally hundreds of people there, and they were all walking anti-clockwise. So, thinking everyone was being sensible and suitably socially-distanced, we fell in behind them …

… but not everyone was walking anti-clockwise. And those who were walking clockwise were in groups, deliberately taking up the entire width of the path, and barging into anyone who didn’t move out of their way.

There were also some great crowds of people out for a walk together who were going anti-clockwise, but they too were taking up the entire path so that no one else could get by without walking in the mud.

So we abandoned the stroll after about 10 minutes and headed back to the car (via another route along the road that was actually empty of pedestrians apart from us). There were too many people there, and there were too many idiots. No wonder cases of COVID-19 are on the rise.

It’s no surprise that people are flocking to the open countryside to safely get their daily exercise, or exercise their dogs. The towns and villages are simply too full.

If that’s what people want to do, then fine. But keep away from me and mine. If I’m mistaken, my actions won’t put anyone else at risk. If they’re mistaken, theirs will.

One day, we will go back to the lake again, and try again. Perhaps when lockdown has been lifted. Perhaps then, it will look more like the image above. And perhaps until then, the dog won’t get his walk. It won’t kill him.

Warm-up hour

I didn’t get around to doing this week’s diary before the end of last week, so that was the first job of the day yesterday.


I’d fallen a little bit behind on the ghostwriting, so instead of my daily 2,000-word target, I’ve upped it to 2,700 words.

That should be more than enough to get the first part finished by Friday. And for every day I write 3,000 words (a chapter and a half), I’ll have 300 words less to write the next day.

By the end of Chapter 4, I had written 2,604 words, almost my new target for the day. I started Chapter 5, and finished the session on 2,947 words.

That’ll do. 😇

Client work

I checked the India job board first thing, to make sure I hadn’t missed something again. I hadn’t, so the first job of my client session was the proofreading from Hong Kong I didn’t get around to on Friday.

The proofreading took me to the end of the day.

Today’s plan

I’d like to write at least another 2,700 words for the ghostwriting gig, then I really need to shift the client proofreading job that needs to be back by the end of Friday. I’ll also check for any work from India.

I’m still ahead on The Beast Within, so anything on that will be a bonus.