Where is the snow?

Image by Tomasz Proszek from Pixabay

We were promised snow on Friday. Heavy snow. All day. We woke up and it wasn’t even raining. To say I was disappointed was an understatement. I was looking forward to walking the dog in the snow.

Before closing everything down on Thursday, an editing job came in from the India client. It had actually been on the job board since teatime the day before. I’d been checking the job board every morning but there was never anything there. So the one day I missed checking … yup, there it was.

Then before breakfast on Friday, there was an email waiting for me from Hong Kong. The February magazine was ready for proofreading. I’ve already been paid up to February, a lovely bonus just in time for Christmas. So this one became a priority.

As I was ahead all week on The Beast Within, I decided to stretch my proofreading/editing segment into my cool-down hour. That gave me an hour on the proofreading, an hour on the India job, and an hour on the Hong Kong job.

The poet had another video conference at around 9am, so the dog walk was postponed until dinner time once again.

During my warm-up hour, I acknowledged both new jobs and added them to the diary. I also did the diary for this week with what I already had in.


I made us both a cup of coffee and then sat down to the ghostwriting. Doing it first seems to be working … so far.

I started the session by adding a couple of pictures to the Scrivener file, both in the “locations” section. This enabled me to “see” where my characters were acting out this particular part of the story.

There was some research I needed to carry out before starting Chapter 3, but I was happy with more than 1,000 words by the time we broke for dinner.  After dinner, I finished the chapter, and ended with 2,046 words written.


After our dog walk, I edited the article sent over from India. But then I ran out of steam and called it a week. The jobs I didn’t finish have been moved to today.