Tuesday 17 September 2019

Wow! What a wild weekend we had … well, it was busy. And interesting.

Friday morning I had my first 25 minutes on social media, and I wrote a blog post. A Sky delivery that was supposed to arrive between 10:30am and 11:30am finally arrived at midday, with no apology from the driver.

I had a hair appointment at 12:30pm, so didn’t have a lot of time to do much else.

In the afternoon, I did my 14 Days … exercise. The 14 days are over now, but I still have the last two days to catch up on. I added 1,099 words to one of the writers’ guides. And I did some reading for both the Cadbury book and for NetGalley.

Monkey Dust had a gig in Doncaster on Friday night, so that tied us up. It was a bit of a rush, though, and I don’t think the poet is too keen to do it again any time soon – although they do have another Friday gig in November.

As Friday was a late night, we lost Saturday morning again. Then we were up and doing the weekly shopping, plus we bought a couple of other things for things we want to try at home, such as making our own ice lollies and chocolates/sweets.

On Saturday evening, the fair was in town for St Leger (pronounced ledger) week in Doncaster. So we went along for a quick visit to take photographs and eat candy floss.

Sunday was a research trip to Birmingham.

First of all we returned the two library books I’d borrowed, then we went to take a photograph of a plaque on the side of a house that Richard Cadbury once lived in. I knocked on the door first to make sure it was okay with the current occupiers, and she was delighted that (a) I’d asked her, and (b) we wanted to take a picture for a book.

Then we drove to Lodge Hill Cemetery in Selly Oak to see if we could find Richard Cadbury’s grave. There are a lot of graves in that cemetery. A lot. And the poet didn’t have high hopes … but I spotted it (it looks nothing like the picture we found on the internet), and the poet took a couple of pictures.

And then we were off to Bournville to take some more pictures.

We finally made it to see my mom at about 3:30pm, and then we turned around and came home. That evening I finished the NetGalley book.

Phew! We need a week at work to recover!

Yesterday was busy too … I had a very short client job to do, and that was how I spent the morning. Then, of course, it was off to the writers’ group for the afternoon. I started the next NetGalley book when I got back, but that was about all I managed for Monday this week.

Today, then, I’ve already written up the writers’ group report and I’ve emailed yesterday’s client with a few more things I thought of overnight. He’s emailed me back already today, so I have to do a couple of tweaks to the file and send it back to him later today.

I also want to write up the NetGalley review for the book I finished at the weekend. Then the rest of the day will alternate between Pomodoro reading and writing sessions for the Cadbury book and 10-minute breaks. Every two reading Pomodoros will be followed by one writing Pomodoro.

If I get a bit of a pause, I’ll start my catch up on the last two 14 Days … I’ve already been added to a follow-up forum thread, which I’d like to touch base with a few times this week if I can.