Goldthorpe Writers: Monday 16 September 2019

We had a few more bodies turn up at the writers’ group this week, which meant we needed to find somewhere in the library that we wouldn’t disturb the other library users. We were given one of the interview rooms, which was a bit cramped for five of us, but made it very cosy and friendly.

We welcomed new members Georgia and Martin, and we welcomed Pat back.

Rob couldn’t join us again this week as he had some interviews to carry out. He was in the interview room next door, though, so not too far away.

Pauline read Childhood Memories again,  the memoir of approximately 750 words that she started last week but was missing a section. She read it from the start again for the benefit of those who hadn’t heard it before.

I read out the completed Scene 11 of The Fool, approximately 750 words. I was delighted to immediately engage those who hadn’t heard any of it before yet had come in at the start of Act 2.

Georgia had brought with her a few stories and poems, but she started with her very short and amusing Martin’s Instruction Manual. (Poor Martin!) Then she read the opening of another short, Red Ladies, which was inspired by an illustration.

Pauline read out another memoir, written especially for the group. Memories of a Favourite Room was inpsired by one that she’d read out last week, and was another 750 words or so.

I read out another scene from Catch the Rainbow, which again captured the interest of those who hadn’t heard any of it yet. The missing leg might have clinched it.

Georgia read out another of her instruction manuals, this one called How to be like Marilyn, who was an early punk rocker. We thought these little instruction manuals made good character sketches. Then she read out a poem she’s still working on, relating some of her harrowing experiences at the Royal Cheadle Hospital in Manchester.

Pauline finished the session for us with An Evening at Solo, this time a 1,000-word memoir.

Martin was a little shy this week, and Pat didn’t have anything with her to read out. Nevertheless, everyone joined in with the discussions, and I left some of them still chatting when I went home.

Our homework this week is:

  1. Pauline: Write at least one new memoir, and jot down ideas for the gaps in her memoirs.
  2. Georgia: Write some more of Red Ladies and the Royal Cheadle poem; finish The Photograph.
  3. Pat: Write about her visit last year to the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway.
  4. Diane: Write at least one scene for The Fool.
  5. Martin: Write something if he feels up to it.

The next meeting will be on Monday 23 September at 2:30pm.

Goldthorpe Writers meet every Monday at Goldthorpe Library, Barnsley Road, Goldthorpe, Barnsley S63 9NE, from 2:30pm until 4:00pm. There is free parking to the rear of the library, buses stop almost outside, and the railway station is a short walk away. Refreshments are also currently available for free. All are welcome.