Book review: Five Unforgivable Things

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Five Unforgivable Things, Vivien Brown
Thanks to NetGalley and to Harper Impulse for an advance copy of Five Unforgivable Things.

I wouldn’t normally pick up a story about family relationships let alone infertility and IVF, so I am grateful to have been granted this opportunity.

I found it to be very well written, from start to finish. It’s a great story touching upon a once taboo subject with lots of very good, fully formed characters … apart from Phil, Natalie’s partner. He was a bit shadowy. I thought all of the siblings had great relationships, both with each other and with their parents.

I have to say I didn’t like the Kate character very much. I found her to be quite selfish and wasn’t surprised at all with her husband’s reactions – unforgivable, yes; surprised, no. In truth, her only redeeming act was over the Jenny situation. So I was very glad when she finally got over herself.

This is a great read, though, with page-turnability. I look forward to another from the same author.