Thursday 22 August 2019

Tuesday’s writing contributions were mostly admin, and mostly fielding emails.

The big thing this week is confirming appointments and meetings. I confirmed today’s meeting in Birmingham, and I confirmed next week’s meeting in London.

I also responded to emails regarding photographs and illustrations, and I sent emails regarding the same.

Train tickets were booked, paid for, downloaded and printed for next Wednesday.  I also had to clarify licensing procedures for the forthcoming book.

It’s all been Richard Cadbury, it’s all been busy, busy, busy.

The rest of Tuesday was editing, until about 6pm, then again yesterday – All Day. But at least I’ve finished the hard copy edit now. Hopefully the electronic edit will run smoothly on Friday.

Last night I caught up on blog posts, Goldthorpe Writers’ Group, and the most recently finished book for NetGalley.

Today, I’m off to see Richard Cadbury’s great-great-granddaughter. We’re meeting up at a college in Birmingham, starting with lunch at 12:30pm. Then we’ll explore the books and materials she’s bringing with her in the sitting room. She has also arranged for me to take away up to four library books as well as lending me some of her own.

It’ll be a two-hour-plus drive each way, traffic permitting, so that’s me wiped out for the day.

Back at work tomorrow, when I’ll be doing the screen edit for the client book around a meeting with the bank in town.