Friday 16 August 2019

Yesterday was mostly spent doing the “heavy proofreading” job. It’s an interesting subject and I’m enjoying it very much. But it’s going to take some time.

The new job that came in is correctly written, but it isn’t my favourite type of narrative and I’d like to change much of it or send it back to the author to do. But this one has to be back by next Friday, so I’m going to put my personal prejudices and opinions to one side and just do the edit.

I also did some admin work for my dad’s estate, as that is slowly proceeding.

Ah yes, and I’m still reading the NetGalley book – and so is the poet. I’m romping through this one, so there should be a review posted soon.

Before I do anything else today, I want to try and write 500 new words for The Fool. We have another busy weekend ahead and I won’t have chance to get much done before the writers’ group meeting on Monday.

I also want to try and shift as much of the heavy proof as I can so that I can concentrate on the new edit sooner rather than later.

Baldy still isn’t right and her crop was much fuller this morning – and going sour. So I squeezed out as much as I could, but I’ll need the poet to hold her upside down and do it later. I don’t have the confidence or the strength not to drop her myself. She’s looking a bit brighter already, but I’ll still be keeping half an eye on her.

Tomorrow we’re off to the races. I’ve never been to the races before and the race course is literally ten minutes from where we live. We’re not actually going to the races, though – although we will try and squeeze a couple in. We’re going to see one of the poet’s favourite bands. James.

Friends of ours will also be going, and so will family and other band members. Some will be in the posh end, some will be in the riff-raff end with us and the rest of the great unwashed. I don’t do posh very often, and I certainly won’t feel comfortable doing posh at a concert.

We’ll probably nip up and back twice, to let the dog out. This means we may do the shopping this evening. We also want to visit family at some point over the weekend.

What are you up to? Have a great one.

2 thoughts on “Friday 16 August 2019

  1. Hi Diane, I’m really sorry but for various reasons I can’t get to the group on Monday . Maybe this will allow you to get some of that work done! I will see you at the next one (in September?) x

    1. Thanks for letting me know. I hope all is well. 🙂 Yes, the next one will be in September as the library is closed on bank holidays, but we’re off next week as well. x

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