Thursday 15 August 2019

Not one but two jobs failed to arrive yesterday. One was probably delayed by the current riots in Hong Kong – they’re disrupting travel arrangements by the sound of it. The other was just late in at the writer’s end.

Fortunately, I had some proofreading to start. But if I hadn’t had that, I would have done some writing.

The proofreading job is going to take longer than I thought, but at least I made a decent dent in it.

I caught up on some household chores too. I hung a line of washing out, and then had to bring it in again as it started to rain. Some went into the tumble dryer, the rest went on a clothes horse.

Baldy is still a bit off her food, but I felt her crop and there’s food in there, so she’s not starving and she must be eating during the night.

The first 20,000 words of the Greek job arrived this morning. I have to check it to make sure it doesn’t need to go back to the author, and then the rest of it will arrive. Unfortunately, I don’t have Word on the notebook, which I’m using at the moment, so I’ll have to see if I can open it in OpenOffice.

I’ll carry on with the proofreading job today, see how far I get with it, then start the editing job tomorrow. He wants it back next Thursday, but I’m already out on a road trip next Thursday, so I’ll try and get it back by Wednesday.

As we break up next Friday, I want to make sure the decks are clear so I can have a week off with a clear conscience.

In fact, apart from a little work on The Fool, so I have something new to read out at the writers’ group on Monday, I’ll probably concentrate on client work between now and our holiday.