Wednesday 14 August 2019

We had a good session at the writers’ group on Monday. I’ll be writing a report just as soon as I can fit one in.

Yesterday was a very busy day.

The morning was spent doing admin for the Richard Cadbury book. I’ve arranged to meet his great-great-granddaughter in Birmingham next week and I had to do some jiggery-pokery to ensure that the poet will be home in good time for the dog. He may even be able to work from home for some of the day, thanks to the wonders of technology.

I’m really looking forward to our meeting. I think we’re going to struggle for photographs this time. But I do think I’ll see some interesting material. I need to be writing this in September as my deadline is the end of October.

The afternoon was spent finishing a client edit. I managed that earlier this time, because it was an easier book. But the farmer and his mates have been harvesting the field at the back of our house, and I was distracted at times watching all the various machinery working away.

First they cut the wheat, stripped the grain, blew it into a hopper and left the stalks in neat rows. Then another machine came and ate the stalks and spat them out at the back in a nice, square bale – no plastic wrapping! Then a tractor with a forklift on it moved all of the bales to trailers. Then they came and took the trailers away. And last to go was the first to arrive – the actual harvester.

It was all very fascinating … but it didn’t do my editing. I did finish it, though. And I’m glad I did.

In between work for the past two days I’ve been reading the latest NetGalley book too, and this one is so good, I even bought it for the poet to read on his own Kindle. If I see a book he likes, if I don’t put it on his Kindle, he’ll hog mine. And I need mine to read the review books. We both prefer the Paperwhites for reading and we use the tablets for everything else that isn’t work-related.

I have a very quick job coming in from Hong Kong this morning. That should take me about an hour. Then I’ll have a look at the proofreading job that the client wants back quite quickly. And then I’m expecting another editing job in from Greece, which should take me up to when I break up for the August bank holiday week at the end of next week.

At some point this week I want to write some new material for the pocket novel, and I want to start playing with the plot (aka planning a murder) for the novel. I also have a few more blog posts to write.

Baldy wasn’t very well yesterday. She even turned her beak up at some grapes. So I’ll be keeping an eye on her today as well.