Thursday 8 August 2019

Much of Tuesday was spent doing the client edit. I had promised it back by Tuesday, and he was going to get it back by Tuesday. I’d completed the hard copy edit the day before, apart from the last few pages, which I then read over breakfast.

Once I got dressed and to my desk, I managed a little writing work. Namely, I took stock of where I was at and I wrote a writing diary blog post. I also dug out some old notes for The Fool and The Beast Within .

Firstly, there’s a character I created for The Beast Within who I want to use in The Fool as well. Secondly, I wrote a short story as a kind of prequel to The Fool, and I couldn’t remember what I’d called another character in that.

When I felt I’d at least given my own work a bit of a nod, I carried on with the client edit. I finished it at 11pm Tuesday night, and submitted it. By the time I woke on Wednesday morning (not as late as you would think), confirmation had arrived that the client had cleared payment. It will be in my bank account on Monday.

Wednesday morning dawned with me raring to go. The client had also sent a new edit by return and I wanted to have a look at that.

Unfortunately #1, the internet was running on steam, and it even dropped out completely at one point. So I had to call the provider and log a call. It seems there is a fault on the line, apparently between the cabinet and the exchange.

Fortunately #1, I’d at least grabbed the new file and was able to format it.

Unfortunately #2, with the internet off, I couldn’t print it out over the wi-fi, as the wi-fi connects via the internet …

Fortunately #2, I had some work I could be getting on with offline.

And so I started to finish transferring what I’ve written so far for The Fool into the new Scrivener file.

The internet provider had told me that there was no need for an engineer to come to the house and that the fault should contractually be fixed by the end of next Tuesday, 13 August. But I had to keep an eye on the connection so that I could jump on if there was a window.

Within an hour, a BT OpenReach van pulled up outside the house and the engineer did indeed call at the house. He’d been unable to find a fault between the cabinet and the exchange, or even between the house and the cabinet. So he wanted to check it from inside the house.

But it seems that it is, in fact, an external fault, but it may be due to trees growing around the overhead cables. He’s going to come back with a cherry-picker, a mate, and some tree-loppers. Hopefully today. (Thursday.)

He had done something, though, because by the time he left, the internet was up and running again and stable enough for me to print off the new edit. So I finished the typing work while the new edit printed (yay! the new Scrivener file is now up to date), and then I typed up and posted yesterday’s writers’ group report.

Today, then, I have that edit to crack on with, plus the new proofreading job to look at as well. The BT engineer will be coming back at some point. Plus I have an afternoon appointment in town.

No rest yet.

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