Book review: Hot Pursuit

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Hot Pursuit, Rebecca Freeborn
Thanks to NetGalley and to Pantera Press for an advance copy of Hot Pursuit.

I wasn’t sure whether this was going to be a chick lit or a modern adult romance, but I was delighted when it turned out to be a mystery with some romance thrown in for good measure.

I did feel that Sarah was a bit of a nymphomaniac on heat as she seemed to be attracted to almost every male character she came into contact with – apart from the really icky ones, of course. I also knew from the start who she really wanted to be with. But by the end, I decided that she didn’t really want to be with anyone. She was far too fickle in her affections.

The story is a bit of a caper that leaves Australia at a rate of knots and travels very quickly across Europe. Sarah didn’t learn from any of her mistakes, and I just felt that she was either very silly or very thick as she kept on walking into danger with her eyes shut.

The mystery aspect really did appeal, though. But while I didn’t guess who it was at all until the end, I’m not sure it actually worked for me. And towards the end, I also had to suspend disbelief for a short while.

But it was a pacy, entertaining, interesting read and one that kept me turning the pages nonetheless.