To-do list (*** list alert ***)

So, it’s all over bar the shouting. Well, actually, it’s all over. We’ve moved the last scrap of wood over from the old house to the new house. We’ve handed over the keys. It’s taken us two and a half weeks, but everything we own is now back under one roof.

This means I have to turn again to work … and what a massive pile of work I’ve come back to. I’ve not done any job-board searching as I need to clear the backlog first – both for clients and for myself.

Are you ready …?

  • 3 books to edit for lovely already client
  • 1 book to finalise for lovely already client
  • 2 books to proofread for lovely already client
  • 12 books left of 52 books in 52 weeks to catch up on
  • 16 (SIXTEEN! 😱 ) books to read and review for NetGalley
  • ‘F’ is for … Alphabet Adventure to write up
  • 4 fillers to complete
  • 6 short stories already in various draft stages
  • 2 RTEs (reader’s true experiences) to finish
  • Catch the Rainbow to edit and get back to the beta readers
  • 1 guest blog post to write for a friend
  • The Beast Within to finish outlining
  • Diary of a Pussycat to publish
  • ‘G’ is for … Alphabet Adventure to go on
  • numerous short stories to start

I’m also toying with an e-magazine to start. It already has a cover and some content and is currently called Words Worth Reading. There is an editing company in the UK called Words Worth Reading Ltd, so this is just a working title at the moment. But, as I say, I’m just toying with it at the moment.

On top of all this work there is also the usual household stuff to do. We still have 6 chickens, 2 cats and a dog. There are still chores to do. There is still the poet’s band. We still have a life. We still have families.

And, of course, I have this to-do list and I need to prioritise.

I recently found this free resource online, 7 Sticky Notes. It’s ace. I currently have 3 notes on my desktop: lovely already client wip; household stuff; and to-do list (aka writing & admin work). Every week I start with new items on the lists and cross them off (strike them through) as I do them. Anything not done last week rolls over to this week. Anything completed is deleted.

At the moment, I have all 6 jobs on the lovely already client wip, 3 jobs on the to-do list and 5 jobs on the household stuff. The household stuff sticky has 4 items crossed off (struck through). Everything else is still outstanding.

So … that’s where I am at the moment and what I have to do. I’ll be doing my diary for next week immediately after posting this, so some of the above jobs not already on there will no doubt find their ways onto the to-do list sticky.

What does your master to-do list look like right now?

3 thoughts on “To-do list (*** list alert ***)

  1. Great news that you’ve completed the move and that there’s plenty of work on the go! Good luck with the final settling in and getting back into a ‘normal’ routine.
    We’re pretty busy here – a wedding on the horizon and lots of planning. Out of interest (anyone interested :D? ) – I have returned to Rodrigo. For the time being I have left Scarborough. I wasn’t achieving anything, but Rodrigo is going well – in fact I’m quite pleased at how well he’s going.

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