Our new office is HUGE. There’s another keyboard on Ian’s desk. I think the stand with both on will go at this end of the desks.

We made it … well of a fashion.

We took 2 weeks off and we literally did not stop. We moved house. We moved office. We moved the chickens. And still we have lots to do.

The first thing that came over was the spare bedroom, so that we’d at least have a bed to sleep in once the chickens and cats were over.

What a nightmare that was, as the mattress is actually broken, almost in half. And it killed my back. After 3 nights, I insisted that the next thing that came over was our own bed.

That’s the old conservatory settee in the corner, and the old conservatory clock on the wall. (The clock needs a battery.)

During those first few days we moved the office over. The new office is MASSIVE.  It’s the former master bedroom, but I don’t believe you need a huge bedroom, unless you’re a teenager with lots of friends who come over.

We still have a lot of tidying to do in the office, and there are still things that need to go on walls. But the bulk of it is in place and very workable.

The other 2 bedrooms are both double and both the same size. Either is also perfectly adequate – and we do have a lot of furniture in both.

Mid-fortnight, we had the wonderful help of the poet’s two lads. Without them, we’d still be moving the bulk of everything this week as well!

We’re actually using the dining table now … although Holly’s currently using it here …

The dining room was also one of the first things we moved over. We have a new ‘L’-shaped living/dining room, which means the dark oak dining furniture and the light oak lounge furniture don’t really match at the moment. But each area is still well-defined.

We’ve used the dining table from the first day, though, so it must be working being able to see it, instead of using it for a dumping ground we can close the door on.

Also mid-fortnight, the new chicken run arrived. We can’t have them free-range at the new house because they could wander onto a road or onto a railway. Both are hardly used, but they’re still used. So now the chickens have a big run. Their old, smaller run still has to be added on as an extension.

The chickens hated it the first day. They wanted to come with me every time I left the run. But they’re used to it now. We bought them some new shrubs – 2 box, 2 grass and 2 bamboo – they have 2 sandpits to bury themselves in, and in this very hot weather they have extra shade by the way of wheelie bins.

Blondie (left), Pauline (right) and Lara (rear). You can also see Baldy’s blue leg-iron at the back.

The bins don’t look very attractive, but with the tarpaulin that came with the new run, and with the frozen 500ml pop bottles I’m filling with water and placing in the chicken house nest boxes, they’re doing okay. There’s a tarpaulin over their old run too, so that will give them extra shade when it comes.

Gradually, everything else followed, but there is still the greenhouse to come over and still the shed. Both are dismantled and awaiting collection.

We have to give the keys back on the old place tomorrow, but they’re happy for us to go back and collect what’s left later this week. We already have to go back tonight to tidy the garden and take away the rubbish. So we’ll bring back what we can and, hopefully, there will then only be one more run.

Eric positively glows in the sunshine.

The van we’re using is the poet’s band wagon. All of the band gear is currently in our new garage. But once we’ve collected the last of the big stuff, the van can go back to it’s secure lock-up.

It’s been a very hot, very busy fortnight. We’re almost there, but we’re both back at work today.



2 thoughts on “Phew!

  1. Glad it’s all over for you and now you can take your time settling in. I was going to say at least it wasn’t raining or snowing for you – but then realised I was saying that to the wrong person!! 😀

    1. It’s been awful, almost unbearable, and the heat meant we weren’t able to do as much in a day as we’d like. We would have enjoyed at least one day off to enjoy the weather, but it wasn’t to be. I’ll let you have the address, but do come over and have a visit any time you’d like. We’re about 45 minutes from the old place.

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